Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hell, Nobody IS Perfect

Goodness gracious.

I went to Monticello. No one showed up but Jan and Jack and Jon Taylor, whom I have acted with in many shows and his wife and son, Baby Colin. We're going to have to stop calling that child Baby Colin. I think I shall refer to him hereafter as B. Colin to distinguish him from Colin whom we all talk about all the time and every time we do, I still well up.
Jack and Jan are directing and Jon's wife Stephanie is not auditioning and neither is B. Colin so there you go.
There's another audition tomorrow night and they may pour forth to read then.
Who knows? Not me.
What I do know is that all of a sudden I'm sort of excited. Okay, I'm excited. It seems like a really well-written and funny-as-hell play. It's Nobody's Perfect by Simon Williams and the part I read for is a book publisher whose first line goes, "' Megan's heart was pounding as Alfonso carried her along the narrow cliff path...' Uh-ho, not another orgasm on the beach..."

Now don't you just know I want to say that line?
And somehow, I just feel ready to be a part of something again. To be part of that process of creating from the page. One of my favorite roles ever at the Opera House was one in which I played opposite Jon and we were a Texas couple visiting in Boston and as always, when I work with Jon, we came up with bits and one of them was just this glance that we gave each other that we'd planned out and I don't even know if the audience saw it or registered it, but I'll never forget it. It felt so real.
And yes, he's too young (and I'm too old) for us really to play opposite each other but dammit, Jon can ACT older than he is. He IS older than he is. And he can play anything. Man, woman, old, young, anything. And as Jack always says, "It's only fake believe."

So...maybe? If I did it a little Rose Marie from The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Or maybe I'm just too old. Honestly. Just bringing up Rose Marie from The Dick Van Dyke Show illustrates the point that I am older than dirt's inventor.

Well, another role will come along if I don't do this one. They generally do.

And Owen's coming tomorrow at seven. I have missed him. Lily said he's missed me, too. I said, "Did he actually say that?"
"Well," she said after a pause, "Sometimes when he got upset he wanted you."

And that is good enough for me.


  1. Half of age is perception or how we see someone. Older people who act young don't seem older to an audience. You can do it! I know you can.

  2. Rubye Jack- Well, I AM middle-aged if I plan to live to be 114 which I do not. I sure would like to try but if someone else steps up who would be more appropriate, I'm fine with that. Truly.

  3. I swear I'm going to see you act in person one day.

  4. lulumarie- I love Rose Marie too. She was such a BROAD!

    Elizabeth- Oh honey, it ain't that special. I would be SO nervous, knowing you were there. But it would be pretty awesome, too.

  5. Good luck with the audition and play. I hope that you get a part. Some days I feel old too. But then I rebound and feel about 25. Go figure.

  6. I love that at the end what Lily said. That of course is true missing. And true love.

    This little toddler I used to babysit would cry for me when I wasn't there. Sort of made me sad though when his Dad imitated him and told me. He'd say, "I want Bethany..." Little darling. He's in college now!


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