Sunday, December 18, 2011

And Now The Words

Well of course no one watches the videos I put up because THEY ARE NOT VIDEOS OF CUTE ANIMALS (and hey- I get it- I love videos of cute animals) but it makes me happy to have Dear Keith on the blog. You know it does.
The one of he and Scotty Moore playing together is especially lovely to me because Scotty Moore was the guitar player in Elvis Presley's band and his playing was what made Keith want to be a guitar player and well...there you go.
Also- Levon Helms? Be still my heart.

But it's a beautiful morning here in Lloyd, crisp and cool and Mr. Moon and I just had pancakes and he's taken the garbage and I've washed the dishes and all is well. I have nothing profound to discuss and nothing to rant or rave about. I've got a list of should-do's that reaches up to the sky and I'll get to work on them but I am feeling no real pressure, just a sense of possibility and I have rehearsal at three this afternoon. We're not meeting at the Opera House but at the Episcopal church rectory because there's something going on at the OH which involves a lot of children but that's fine with me. The last time we met at the Episcopal church I was in a play with a VERY staunch Christian and I made some joke about hoping that God wouldn't strike down the entire church (there was a horrible storm going on at the time) because I'd entered it and the VERY staunch Christian took that opportunity to point out that I'd probably said that for a reason and the reason was that I was secretly hoping to be taken back into the bosom of our Lord and that he, the VERY staunch Christian, was praying for me and everyone there was a bit horrified, including the pastor of another church who was also in the play.

Ah. Good times.

I suppose I will take this opportunity to say that one of the many things I do not understand about religion is why it is better to do things which are good because God tells us to rather than to just do them because we know they are the right thing. If it takes the fear of hellfire to prompt good behavior for some, I suppose that the fear is a good thing but I believe that for most of us, we either want to do the right thing or we don't care or we're crazy or just plain evil and I seriously do not think that the Fear Of God is going to stop us from doing thoughtless or crazy or evil things.

But that's just me.

Whatever gets you through your life is all right. All right.

Love From The Church Of The Batshit Crazy.

Ms. Moon


  1. about the religion thing, i think the concept was to teach the right thing in case folks didn't manage to pick up the knowledge from life experience. who knew that teaching the right thing could get so narrow and intolerant and (in my humble opinion) wrong? i am a praying woman. but this blind adherence to the tenets of any organized religion never made sense to me. i think we each need to think for ourselves how we would like to be treated, and treat others thus, and then we need to give room to those who we might not agree with but aren't hurting anybody. but i do pray. mainly because sometimes its all i can do for my children. and i also hope for that magical heaven because i really do want to see some of the people who've left this earth one more time. it's easier for me to imagine that i will.

  2. my very staunch baptist christian cousin tried to save me from the lake of fire for many years until I finally asked him politely and lovingly to ...STOP.

  3. for some reason, i want to delete that comment i made above. and i'm wondering why.

  4. Angella- Don't you DARE delete that comment! There is nothing wrong with praying, nothing wrong with hoping that we get to see the ones we love who have gone before us. Not one damn thing. I wish I believed in each of those but I seriously just do not think I have the gene. Quite literally. But you know- I am open to all possibilities even as I trust only that which I can see and feel, for the most part. And when I say "feel" you have to take that pretty loosely.
    I love you, woman, and I respect you in all ways.

    Ellen Abbott- Bet he still prays for your saving, though. Which, as long as he doesn't talk about, can't hurt you.

  5. as you said, whatever gets you through the night.
    ok, your life.

  6. Rubye Jack- Both. A night can be a lifetime.

  7. I like your sermons here, Sistah! I don't get religion at all. But I do get spirituality. Maybe religion just seems too controlling to me.

  8. Here's why I'm ALWAYS in trouble with capital-C Christians. I don't believe that I have to do "good" things because God has told me to do them (or because others tell me I ought to do them). I want to do good things out of love and gratitude, or they don't have any significance.

    If I do things out of fear or obligation or in order to feel moral, I might as well be ante-ing up at some holy-Texas-hold-em. That's not free will--that's barter, or poker, or card-carrying dues for the 700 Club.

    And if I'm doing things where others can see them--that put-it-on-a-billboard-and-let-everyone-see how-holy-I-am sanctimonious shit--then I don't operate out of love, but rather out of LOOK AT ME, AIN'T I RIGHTEOUS?

    Christianity is not about me, or what I have or haven't done. It's about love and praise, which can't be faked. I believe that's why we were put here--to pay attention to something outside ourselves and something within ourselves and make something--a pie, a poem, a painting, a prayer--that shows we were paying attention.

    I will probably delete this comment, but it was important for me to write it.

    Stepping off the soapbox now.

  9. Syd- You are a man who does the right thing. Yep.

    Pamela- Why would you delete that comment? I agree with every word of it.

  10. I thought I sounded kind of preachy myself. I am glad you agree.


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