Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well the sun has come out, it has warmed up and I took a walk and I don't care what my problems are- those three things can make anything at least a little bit better.
I still feel overwhelmed and over-daunted but dammit, the sky is blue and I got off my ass.

I think I'll go hang the clothes out and gird my loins (or at least my bosoms) and go to town.

I will not be going to see Santa, however. You can bet on that.

Thanks for not coming and kicking me in the ass no matter how badly I deserve it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sometimes it's a relief to be sick of one's own problems. I have that feeling a lot, and usually after I feel it, things are better. I love the image of you girding your breasts for another day in the life.

  2. I've girded the bosoms (what little I have) and will be heading out to do some holiday shopping for the kids. Face the day with a smile then head back to the calm of home and hearth.

  3. Ha on girding things. Just let them swing free.


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