Saturday, December 17, 2011


So a week from tonight, instead of cooking the Traditional Christmas Eve Supper and then filling the stockings with care and passing out from exhaustion, I will be gazing upon something like what you see above.

Shitfire, y'all.

I still don't believe it but I have gone a ways today in trusting that a little bit more. I sort of took the day off. I haven't done squat except for to go on a lovely walk and spend some time with the man and eat brownies.
Okay. I had some soup, too.
And write that poem. Can you believe I don't work for Hallmark? Me either.

So here's some news- we're getting iPhones. Mr. Moon lost his phone last week, probably in the woods, and because he can't run his business or his life without a cellphone, he went down and did the deed, signed the contract and has a loaner phone. Our real phones won't be here until the day before we leave, but this is pretty exciting. I've never had a phone that did anything but make phone calls and take pictures so you know I'm happy although, as Mr. Moon did point out, I never GO anywhere but hey- if i do- I'll have an iPhone!

Jessie, this may mean I visit more often. Especially if I get that GPS app. Which I will.

Mr. Moon has been playing with his phone and I think he likes it. This is the first time he's ever had an Apple product and after about half an hour he was set up with voice mail and figuring out ringtones and finding games and looking up the weather and I think this is pretty cool.

Lord. Here we are with two computers, two iPhones and a Kindle. I still haven't put enough books on my Kindle for the trip but I'm getting there. Of course I'll be taking at least ONE "real" book in case I drop my Kindle into the ocean. Maybe Lonesome Dove because that would hold me and I know I like it and I've only read it two or three times.
I always love spending time with Gus and the cowboys. Plus, I'm stockpiling magazines to take. And I bought a new journal and I have my beautiful red ink pen.

An owl just hooted one hoot, the sun is setting here behind the pecans. Not as showy a sunset as I will be looking at in Cozumel, but a sunset nonetheless. I swear that the clouds in the sky at sunset in Cozumel make the profiles of Mayan gods. You probably don't believe me do you? If you've been there, you do. There is something absolutely profoundly magic about the Yucatan. In fact, magic is too cheap a word. It's one of those places of power, attraction and wonder, whether it's because of the metal of the meteor that hit there so long ago which is embedded in the very dirt of it or because it's a place where the aliens made contact (trust me) or because of the spirits of the gods and goddesses or of the people who lived there or the people who live there or because of...
I don't know.
I just know that it's a pretty sure bet that when we look out of the plane window and see the Yucatan peninsula bathed and bordered by that water of startling blue and green and I know that underneath all of that jungle there are ruins discovered and undiscovered and also the ancient "white roads" called Sacbe which the Maya made and which probably cross and recross the entire peninsula, and the cenotes, the hidden deep wells of water in the underground limestone and all of this covered up and hidden, like some fevered dream of crazy explorers and also the villages and towns and communities of now, well, I will cry.

Yep. I'll cry. Sure as shit I will and then here will come the island, that tiny dot growing bigger and bigger

and I'll press myself back into the seat so I can see it better and then- modern magic- we'll land and step off the plane and the soft air and heat will hit me and the sounds and the smells will envelop me and the voices of the people at the airport, stamp, stamp the passport, outside again and into the van and there, the water, close-up and there the people, and there the hotels and there, there, there, we will be there.

Let's see. Am I going to really be worried about the stockings I am not filling, the dinner I am not preparing?

Oh. Hell. No.

I am going to be in my heaven-place with that man, that man, that tall sweet good-looking man and I'm going to be crying and smiling and saying, "Look, look! Here we are! We're here again!"

A week from today.



  1. Jo- Which one? The sunset one? Oh, honey. I will be posting some sunset photos. You better believe.

  2. Wow, you caught on on techie stuff this week. So now you have a kindle and an iphone? Grin. Congrats. I start believing that this god bless Island will be the better option for you instead of celebrating Christmas.
    Love the pictures... Looks like a fairy tale Island with the greenish coast line... What a wonderful non Christmas you will have!

  3. Photocat- I believe it will be amazing.

  4. You will love the iPhone. And I am happy for you going to Cozumel. May you enjoy every moment!

  5. I think it says so much good about a person who keeps going back to the place she loves. I'm happy for you, Ms. Moon -- so happy you can keep going back.

  6. i might have been just a teeny bit jealous, but i read the poem elizabeth posted and decided i will be happy running in and out of our local bodega this christmas.

    but seriously, i am so happy for you and on christmas day it will make me smile doubly wide to think of you and your man in that beautiful place, hopefully sipping cocktails too early in the day and dipping your toes in the water and laughing.

  7. Syd- I think I'll love my iPhone too. And as to Cozumel- I'll enjoy every moment that I possibly can.
    I promise.

    Elizabeth- Another miracle in my life. I swear.

    DTG- And I'm glad you're going to be coming to babysit my house and chickens. And oh yeah, feed the dogs.
    Love you, baby.

    Angella- It could happen! Thanks for the good wishes.


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