Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Morning Again

I woke up early this morning, thinking I would go take yoga. They do yoga here by the sea and really- why should I miss that?
Oh. You know.
Laziness. Inertia.
But. I was going to. I got up, I turned on the coffee. I came out to the balcony to see the sea and the waiters are setting the tables for breakfast and Victor is already here. No yoga lady. I called the front desk.
"No yoga today. It is for tomorrow."

Good morning. It is beautiful here in Cozumel. It is a miracle of beauty. It is a a Caribbean dream of beauty. It is...almost too much. I feel as if I can't drink it in enough. As if I do not have all of the proper taking-in organs for this beauty.

Oh wait. There are people going down to the yoga place but not the regular yoga lady who is about fifteen feet tall with a crown of hair wrapped up on her head. Who are these people? They are not the regular yoga people I think. I will not worry about them. I will take a walk later. I will snorkel.

We rented a scoot yesterday. It was so easy. Mr. Moon asked down at the desk. The price was good. We agreed. The scooter man was here in ten minutes with it and the paperwork. No bullshit. Listen- the people here are not trying to rip you off. Believe it or not.
I had told Mr. Moon that I was not going to let him rent a scooter. Too dangerous. One cannot dissuade Mr. Moon, however, when he makes up his mind.
When I got on the back of it behind him, I was so glad.
It was another level of "I am home."
We drove to town through some of the nabes. We parked and walked around and had sopa de lima at Cafe Denis. Same everything. Especially soup. Oh yes.
We drove to Chedraui, the super market. They have EVERYTHING at Chedraui including furniture and tires and washing machines and octopus and shrimps and a mile-long row of yogurts. Deli, bakery. Pharmacy. Baby clothes.

We brought the coffee that Kathleen had given us which we have enjoyed so much but we had almost used it up so we bought coffee. We spent fifteen minutes in front of the coffee, trying to read labels. My favorite one claims that it is as hot has hell, as dark as night, as sweet as love. Mr. Moon said, "You're going to buy that kind because of the label, aren't you?"
"No," I said, thinking, why not? We bought some other kind that looks organic. We shall see how it makes up. It is lovely to have coffee on the balcony before we do down to breakfast.
We bought tiny bananas, two mangoes, two limes, more cokes to go with our rum, fancy cookies for Mr. Moon, fiber cookies for me, orange flavor. I cannot buy these in the states. I love them. They are like dense muffins.

We came home, back through the neighborhoods again, then down the sea road to the hotel. We had coffee on the balcony, went down and got in the hot tub for sunset.

Back to town for dinner. A famous restaurant. Famous with tourists. Oh dear. It was fine. Too many people. The waiters were beside themselves. I asked for dos vasos de agua. They hate that. They want to sell you bottled water. But he barked out the order to another waiter. They were brought. Often they just are not. Well, I understand. It costs them money to buy purified water.
We drank margaritas. Perhaps too much? I couldn't finish mine. Mr. Moon did it for me. Then we went for coffee.
Una mocha, por favor, y una cafe con leche.
Margaritas give me the gift of Spanish.
At least I always think so. Probably not.
Families with babies and children sitting in the cafe, drinking yummy drinks. Artwork on the walls. The mermaid you see above.
People seem to stay up forever here, including children. But I see them in the early morning, too. When do they sleep? We are ready for bed by nine, nine-thirty.
Which was when we went to bed last night.

Very thin alone woman has the room next to ours! She came down to watch sunset yesterday too, but did not get in the hot tub. She got in a hammock and gently swung. She is not just thin, she is a bone. She will smile if you look at her and smile. She is not American. I wonder. I do wonder.

I think today we plan to spend mostly right here. More snorkeling, more reading. They serve a ceviche here which is one of the best things I have ever had. I could live on that and guacamole. With salsa. I think that might be the perfect diet. Not diet-like-lose-weight but diet-like-what-to-eat-to-live.
Maybe with a mango.
Speaking of which, I am the fattest woman on Cozumel not from a cruise ship. I am as fat as an abuela. Oh wait. I AM an abuela.
Oh well.

Jessie and Vergil will be here tomorrow. We rode past the hotel where they have reservations. It is right on the edge of the 'hood. It looks lovely. What a joy it is going to be to see them! I can't even imagine, but I am trying. Again- a concept.

Good morning.
It is beautiful in Cozumel.

Good morning.


  1. It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time. We are gearing up for a child-free time in Negril and can't wait. You are making me super excited. So happy to hear that you are having fun. Who is feeding the chickens?

  2. Good morning, MM. Can I have a mexican souvenir?

  3. my stepdad grew up in mexico- we had some fabulous artwork of aztec goddesses that your mermaid reminded me of. as i was growing up that was my image of what a real woman should look like- full bodied and strong....thank you for sharing that image.


  4. Oh lovely reading this was exactly like being inside someone else's dream. Thank you darling.

    ps. WV: mermsti

  5. Unholiday question, Abuela Maria. Have YOU had your thyroid tested? You eat well and you exercise a lot. I would be a contributing factor to anxiety and depression etc. Something to consider...

    As to the rest, ohhhhh. How hot is it? I told D you were there, he said, we should go to Mexico and drink midnight margaritas. I can't argue with that. Or your pictures.

    Talk to the Thin Woman! Find out!

  6. Maybe the thin woman is a meth addict who secretly sells at the hotel. I doubt that--but one never knows what the stories are. There are a million different stories in the Naked Cozumel.

  7. Yay! Hood living! We will see you tomorrow at the ferry or Plaza Leza! I can't wait to be with mi papa y mamacita. Woo hoo! Save some of those margaritas for me- my Spanish needs to improve. See you soon. Love, love, love.

  8. It is so yummy to come here after being out in the cold and warm right up, with a little guacamole and a margarita thrown in, perfect.

    I love how you embrace this and offer it so beautifully.

    love d


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