Monday, December 5, 2011

Come, Let's To Bed

Come, let's to bed, says Sleepy-head.
Sit up awhile, says Slow.
Hand on the pot, says Greedy-gut,
We'll sup before we go.
To bed, to bed, cried Sleepy-head
But all the rest said no!
It is morning now, you must milk the cow, 
And tomorrow to bed we go.

This is a rhyme in Owen's Mother Goose which I just hate. There is absolutely nothing more frightful to me than the idea of being denied a night of sleep and lately, I have been waking up all night long to lie awake, still as a corpse, and wish I could go back to sleep.
There is now a new twist on the whole situation which is that when I DO sleep, I dream that people keep coming to my house and they refuse to leave and they keep me awake ALL NIGHT LONG and when I woke up this morning, early, early because Owen is coming, I kept thinking, "It is morning now, you must milk the cow/And tomorrow to bed we go," and I just sort of wanted to cry. 


  1. something in the air I guess. I woke at 2AM and was awake til 6, then slept for 2 hours. my daughter slept maybe 3 hours and my son both had anxiety dreams all night.

  2. Oh Mary. I don't know, this is awful. I wish you sleep. Maybe you and Owen can have long lovely naps. Though naps never quite do the same thing and leave you groggy when you wake up.

    I did hear once, (and tried it) that a cure for depression is staying up all night. I can't say for sure if it worked or not, but dawn was sure welcome. Kind of like it feels so good to quit hitting your head against a wall.

    Babbling, sorry. I love how you wrote this.

    love d

  3. Greedy Gut was one of my mother's pet names for me.

  4. Sleep is so essential and nurturing (if it's good sleep) but none the less, so essential.

    I hope Owen being with you brings you some comfort today and that tonight is a night of deep and dreamless sleep.

    But it is an odd day here too, so you are not alone in feeling out of sorts.

  5. Lack of sleep is torture. I have not slept well for the past 3 or 4 nights. Normally I am a champiion sleeper, but not lately. I am hyper for some reason. I hope we both settle down have some fabulous deep slumber.

  6. I am sleeping just great lately. There used to be a time when I would wake up around 3 AM. It was a pain. That was in my working daze when my brain was on overdrive.

  7. God, I am so sorry Mary. Not sleeping is so terrible. Lately when I wake up at 2 or 3, I start reading a book until I get sleepy again--sometimes not til 5 or so and then I sleep until 9 or 10. I don't know if you have this sort of luxury though with your husband and Owen.
    The point is I know how badly it sucks! and am sorry you're dealing with this.

  8. Ellen Abbott- It sucks, doesn't it?

    21 k- It's okay. I've been through much worse. Stay awake all night? Oh god. No. Wouldn't that just be the worst?

    Madame King- May I just say, Fuck that shit.
    We are all greedy guts. I love you.

    liv- I have come to think through this community here that we all suffer the same things at the same time and Science hasn't begun to figure this shit out.

    Denise- Oh. Me TOO!

    Syd- Do you think that women and men are different in how we react to the waning and waxing moons?

    Rubye Jack- You're right. I can't turn the light on because it would wake my husband. But I do get to take naps with Owen and that is a glory.

  9. I grew up reading Mother Goose and it is terrifying in places -- some of those rhymes still haunt me when I am tired or off-balance. Hope tomorrow is better for you --

  10. Oh poor baby, I agree with you, nothing more frightful!

    Sat morning I had this long involved dream where I had to clean this house with tons of people around and lots of glass figures and shelving. I woke up and had to actually go to a new cleaning job (but thankfully only 2 dogs would be there and no glass figures), felt like I'd been cleaning all night.
    Weird how our minds do that to us.

    Damn that Mother Goose.


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