Saturday, January 21, 2017

We Represent In The Way We Can

Gloomy morning and bad weather is coming towards us and I'm going to a basketball game of Owen's in a little while.
I am soul sick, my body is dancing right along with that, but I don't really seem to have it so bad.
I just feel quiet with the heartache.

Honestly, I do not feel like going anywhere but on Thursday, when I drove up to the park where Owen's basketball practice was being held, he ran to my car when I pulled up with all of the speed a seven-year old boy with long gangly legs can gather.

He still wants me to be there.

And I will be.


  1. Today is not a day to be heartsick! Today is a day to Rise Up! Take heart, dear Mary, from all the thousands of our sisters (and brothers) marching in solidarity today. And not just in Washington, but all around the world. Are you a member of Pantsuit Nation on Facebook? There are photos from all over the world where MILLIONS of women are marching today. It gives me a little hope despite the nightmare that's been inflicted on our country. We really are Stronger Together!

  2. he will crash and burn. the republicans, for all their pandering right now, don't like him. they will string him along as long as he gives them what they want, as soon as he balks, they will impeach him and we'll get Pence. which is no better certainly and could be worse.

  3. I feel like you. In an unbelievable state. Heart with marchers. Love that there is Owen. Hopefully Maggie and Gibson too.

  4. Intellectually, I've understood since November what happened. I even watched part of the inauguration yesterday (but admit I didn't last long). But this morning when, on the news he was referred to as President, I had to sit down and cry.

  5. We had a march in my city today but I had to work. I heard them crying, Love Trumps Hate and I had to pause before I went into my client's home because a wave of hopelessness and sadness engulfed me.


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