Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One Morning In Lloyd

Woke up this morning with enough anxiety to power the Empire State Building for a day or two, could it be harnessed.
Managed to take the trash down to the trash depot and stopped across the street from there to deliver a box of Costco diapers to the water systems facility where they will be collected and delivered to local food banks by my friend Pat.
Stopped at the post office to find this which Elizabeth recommended here.

If Owen does indeed have a form of epilepsy, I want to have all of the information I can have as applies to the treatment of it with CBD. 

So, anyway, I was pulling back into my driveway when I realized that a woman was standing in it. She gestured to me and I rolled down my window.
"Can you take me to my brother's house? He lives right down the road and isn't answering his phone."
She was breathless from exertion and agitation, leaning heavily on a cane. 
"Of course," I told her. "Get in."
I took her just a short ways down the road and asked if I needed to stay to see if everything was okay."
"No. His car's here. Thank you."
And off she went and I'm sure her brother got an ear-full about not answering his phone.

Pulled all the way back into my driveway to find that one of the trucks which has been doing the trimming by the power lines was now in my yard and had delivered (as requested by Mr. Moon last night) a load of chipper mulch.

We're going to use it to fill in the parking area in the yard. They'll be delivering another load later on.

I know what I'm going to be doing today after my walk. 
Fuck anxiety. 
I have work to do.


  1. i like that idea 'fuck anxiety. i have work to do.' it would make a great tattoo.

    1. Well, I can say that, having medication which helps. But it's not a bad way to confront anxiety.

  2. You are 100% kind to give the lady a ride. I hope her son is okay. I hope your anxiety is calmed down with the work. I just get into bed. You're my inspiration.

    1. Well. We all deal with it as personally as it comes to us. And as I said- I have medication. Thank god.

  3. Well, it's not every day you encounter a woman standing in your driveway, I suppose! Have fun with that mulch. If fun is the word.


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