Monday, January 9, 2017

Still Cold And Going To Get Colder. At Least In My House

Well, where was I?
Oh yeah. About to take a bath. Well, that didn't happen because I got a call from Mr. Moon that I needed to come to town to sign some papers which I did and then I went by Publix and then I went to Lily's to drop off the laundry and a few things I got her at the store and then I played with Maggie for a bit while Lily did a few things she needed to do.
I like to play with babies. For awhile, at least. Maggie and I played a game where we dropped a large pink ball into an inflated ring thing and then clapped and cheered with each successful ball drop and also, hide-the-beanie-baby-squirrel. All of the beany babies which I bought Jessie and Lily when they were young have made their way to Lily's house. Almost all of them, anyway. And mostly one at a time. Owen found them when he was younger and at the end of a visit would say, "Mer, can I take this home?" holding up a bluebird or a dog or a tiger and of course I would say "Yes. Yes you may."
And I got some hugs off of Gibson and when I told him, "I love you so much!" he said, "Why?"
I was taken aback. He tells me he loves me so much frequently and I've probably told him the same thousands of times.
"Because you're my only Gibson," I told him. "Because you are precious."
That seemed to suffice for an answer.

I came home and it appeared to me that it was warmer outside than it was inside. The heater has been running constantly for days and has never gotten the temperature in the house higher than 60. So, yes, I turned it off and then later I turned it back on and then a little while after that I realized that the heater, she was not on.
Oh dear.
And Mr. Moon was off to auction.
I texted him that the heater was not working.
"No fucking way!" he texted back. (When I met him, he barely cursed. Now he's almost as good at it as I am.)
"Yes, fucking way," I responded.
I had checked the gauge for the gas tank, knowing we were low but it claims we have 12% of 500 gallons so that shouldn't be the problem and the flame on the stove was working.
He called me, that husband of mine and suggested that I change out the batteries on the thermostat which I had already determined I needed to do. The thermostat has been acting a bit muley lately. So I changed the batteries and click, on came the heater and I was so happy until a few minutes later when I realized that the heater, she was not working again.
I re-changed the batteries, thinking perhaps that I'd gotten a dud there the first time around.
Same thing.
Click, on.
And then off.

Ah well. It's only supposed to get down to 36 tonight and I have two large and one small space heater and I will not freeze. Just the other day I texted Jessie and Lily and said that I couldn't imagine how the people who lived here before modern times had managed to stay warm in this house but that they had probably lit the fireplaces in a few rooms and closed the rest of the house off. There is a fireplace in every room but the kitchen but they have all been changed over to gas log heaters, most of which do not really work any more and are hard as hell to get started when they do work. We keep talking about replacing them or getting these fixed (in fact, we discussed this last night) but of course we haven't. The space heaters will keep a room or two warm enough and just like my foremothers, I shall shut off rooms and all will be well and my husband has already called Heater Guy who has already called me and he will be here around eight in the morning.
I feel certain I'll survive with all of my comforters and quilts, my space heaters and my cat.

And my Goodwill cashmere.

And so this has been my day. I am still riding a cloud of relief that Owen will be getting into the system at the pediatric neurological clinic this week. That has put everything else into perspective, including a heater which does not work which is merely an annoyance and not a tragedy.
I pulled a few beets from the garden and I am going to cook them with onions and broth and vinegar and a little sugar and eat them with my supper and I am very excited about that. Mr. Moon despises beets, which is odd in that he really isn't very picky about food at all but we all have that one thing we don't like and that's okay- more beets for me.

I had one moment of epiphany today which I will share with you- if everyone turned their clothes right-side out before putting them in the laundry, it would improve the lives of everyone who does laundry tremendously.
Okay. I didn't say it was a great epiphany. Just a small one. But a true one.

Everyone stay cozy tonight, okay?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am so cold I just climbed under the comforter. The heat isn't working here either and it's 24 degrees F outside. It's making me rethink my desk at the window. Stay warm, my friend.

  2. Oh no! That's horrible! When can you get the heat fixed?

  3. Yes indeed...clothes turned right side out before doing the laundry. Epiphany indeed! *sigh* Some days it's like spitting into the wind Ms. Mary. So glad Owen is on track and into the system at this point. And as for me?...I do love me some beets!

    1. Such a simple thing- turning your clothes right side out. Maybe we could start a movement!

  4. I am making this tomorrow because I, too, love beets! (And the texture is wonderful) -

  5. The inside-out clothes. The inside-out clothes. Why?

    I am so glad, too, that you are able to take Owen to see someone at a great epilepsy center. You know that I am hopeful everything will be taken care of and that this will be a blip in his life.

    1. I'll tell you why- because everyone expects the laundry fairy to take care of everything.
      I surely hope this epilepsy center can help us. I have great confidence they will.

  6. Ahhh, beets! My Mama used to get them from her garden and boil a few for me while she was canning the rest. Hot with butter and a little sugar....oh, how I miss them!


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