Friday, January 20, 2017

Sometimes I Wish I Believed In Prayer

We went to Apalachicola and I did not watch one moment of the goings-on in the capital. I watched August. I sat in the back seat with him all the way there and back and we played Mermer-baby games and had lots of laughs and then we had lunch and August considered perhaps eating a steamed oyster but he made do with crackers and shrimp instead.

It was a good day although I felt devastated and flat and sad and scared. But being with that little boy helped and here he is in a field of flamingo yard ornaments which made him very happy.

Even as all of this was going on, this joy and life and color and light, I was checking my phone to see what carnage had already taken place. 
"Mama," said Jessie, "Stop it." 
I couldn't help it. 

This is the view from the little kid park a few blocks down from our property. 

It is beautiful. My life is beautiful. My children are beautiful, my grandchildren are beautiful, my husband and his love for me are beautiful. 
They are singing at the church next door which seems to be their worship. The windows are open and it is beautiful. 

I have nothing more to say right now. 

And that's enough. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I used to believe in prayer. Maybe it does work. A lot of people prayed for Trump to become president.

  2. Whatever god would bestow the presidency on DT due to prayer is not a god I would pray to.

    1. I must agree with your sentiment here.
      And what I believe prayer does -- it concentrates the mind of the pray-er. In that sense, it might be helpful now.

    2. I suppose it all depends on what our definition of prayer is.

  3. If DT was appointed by god, then that's a god I sure as fuck reject. That god isn't real. That god is garbage. If there is any god she/he/it is in the work that we do in love, in resisting in big and small ways and in all of us who have the audacity to be ourselves in spite of the darkness. Any god DT believes in is the anathema to love.

    I'm angry tonight, and I'm tired and I'm listening to my boys horse around after dinner and goddamn. I will make it my life's work to fight for that, to make sure they--and August and Gibson and Owen and Magnolia don't inherit a world without hope.

    I'm so glad you're out there, Mary.

    1. You finally let the wall between my heart and my eyes break and the tears have come and god damn but I need them right now to remind me that I am human and alive and I thank you. So much.
      I'm so glad you're out there, Ramona.

  4. That seems like an ideal way to spend this particular day. I love the colorful flamingoes! I sure as hell am not going to let this president walk all over us. I'll do everything legal within my power to prevent it.


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