Monday, January 30, 2017

Should We Buy An Alligator Head?

The air is as clear as glass today, the sky as blue as the eyes of Hippie Jesus.

This afternoon I will be traveling with Jason and Lily and Owen and Maggie to Jacksonville where we will spend the night in order to go to an early morning appointment at the clinic.

Hopefully we will get some answers. And for sure we'll be stopping at the Busy Bee for snacks and giggles and the glory of the Las Vegas bathrooms.

First though, a walk and some housework, and hopefully a lessening of the anxiety which has my stomach in knots, even on this clear blue day.


  1. The first line of your very poetic post has just sent me into a sudden delight I have not experienced for a while, still sleepless nights and anxiety, exploding within and my skin is too tight, but THIS post eased me off the cliff. thank you for YOU !

  2. All my thoughts are with your family and sweet little Owen.

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  4. Have a safe journey, I will be thinking of you. All will be well as long as you look out for each other.

  5. Traveling mercies, friend, and may you find the answers you seek. I hope you also have fun!

  6. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble writing a comment. I'm all sixes and sevens.

    What I tried to say...
    I have no words to help with your anxiety.

    How about this? From one of my favourite movies, Babe.
    If I had words to make a day for you
    I'd sing you a morning, golden and new
    I would make it last for all time
    And fill your nights deep in moonshine.

  7. I'm glad for this trip for hoped for answers. Report in from the road if you can.

  8. Will be thinking of all of you and wishing for the best.

  9. Thinking of you all...especially sweet Owen. Positive thoughts!

  10. The gator needs his head more than you guys do. :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for answers!


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