Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Nice Doctor Is Nice Again

Ugh today.
Well, it's over. It's fine.
And the whole deal was that I had a doctor's appointment- just a med check- with that sweet new doctor of mine. The one who seems so caring and focused and gentle. Still, I've been agitated and anxious about it coming up for days.
Crazy, much?
We went over some things and he's going to adjust my meds a little and add a low dose hyper-tension med because my BP is always high when I'm in the doctor's office.
Now- is it high because I'm there? Of course. Should I have been doing what he told me to do which is to take it at home? Well, sure. But the damn thing is, even the sight of the device crawls my stomach into a knot.
Fuck. I don't know.
You can't take your blood pressure without a device.
He said to try it for a week, see how it goes. That it may actually help with the physical symptoms of anxiety.
He also said that my aura seemed better today. Which is funny because he's hardly the hippie kind of guy. Or at least, he doesn't appear to be.
All I know is that I do truly like him. He ain't pushy. And he laughs.
And now I'm in love with his receptionist and instead of being offended when she calls me sweetie, I call her sweetie.
So that's all good.
And I had a long walk this morning and I did things like scrub toilets and put new sheets on the bed. Yes, I am bought new sheets again. We shall see if I like them. If I don't, I'll sure as hell return them. I got them at Costco, their regular Kirkland brand of pima cotton. Excellent price and they came with four pillowcases.
I'll report in on how they sleep.

I took Owen his Harry Potter cape and he's happy about it. He looks good in it and it fits him better. He's loving the book and his parents have been reading it to him every night so I need to catch up for our trip to Jacksonville on Monday night. Gibson's sick now. He's running a fever and sleeping a lot but says that nothing hurts. Jeez, but Lily can't catch a break. When I was there Lily told me to go ahead and see if I could wake him up to say hello, so I did, and he was happy to see me. I had taken a jar of pickled okra over as a present to the boys because they love it so and he ate one happily and then snuggled back into his mama's bed.

He'll probably live.

So now I'm home and I found a Mexican hog snapper at Publix, believe it or not, which is the type of fish that Mr. Moon ordered and ate with such happiness when we were at the beach club, Chen Rio on the wild side of Cozumel. He hasn't quit talking about that fish ever since we got back. I doubt it'll be nearly as good because that fish at Chen Rio was probably hours out of the water instead of days and also, I don't have the secret Mayan hog snapper recipe. I can't seem to find one online, either.
I'll wing it.

Thank all of you so much for your comments in response to my post last night. I want to answer all of them and I'll try. Once again, I feel so incredibly lucky that we have this community which is so caring, so empathetic, so wise and so willing to reach out, even in its diversity. I have felt cradled and counseled by you. I have felt comforted and inspired. You have offered me lifelines when you had no idea how much I needed them. You have made me laugh and you have made me think and you have made me feel surrounded by all sorts of love and friendship.

I quite honestly do not know what I'd do without you.

Now- anyone know how to fry a hog-snapper in the Yucatan style?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mary, I hate to tell you this but prepare yourself....there is an awful troll posting some despicable shit on several blogs, and he posted on your last blog entry. Ugh. I'm so sorry.

    1. He's been around before. I just deleted him. Whatever.

    2. Is it the "no American women" guy? I got him too. I thought it was some kind of spam, like a mail-order bride site. But yeah, instant delete.

  2. It's great that you found a dr that you like so much. It's so important. I'm sorry to hear Gibson is sick. I've been following your blog and enjoying the pictures of the kids. I can't comment much on Trump. I feel sick (literally) about it and have been trying to distance myself from social media until I can take some action. Your last blog post will be helpful. Do you ever feel like life snowballs on you? That's where I am. A little fearful about where I am right now. But your blog helps.

    1. I definitely DO feel like life snowballs on me. Mostly every week but then again, almost everything feels monumentally undoable to me. I am glad my blog helps you. It sure helps me. I think Gibson will be okay.

  3. My blood pressure had been a bit high at doctor visits. The last time I went to my new doctor she got me talking about doing NaNoWriMo and then casually walked up and took my blood pressure and it was down! good luck with yours.

    1. Well, my BP was a bit over what you'd expect even from anxiety and it has been for years every time I've gone to the doctor. So- WTF? Take a pill. Maybe if all the anti-anxiety drugs and the weight-loss I'm experiencing help, I won't need it for long. And Dr. Sweetie did take it at the end of my appointment. It was down but not really enough.

  4. I don't even know what a hog snapper is, but it honestly doesn't sound attractive. As for your BP, it's called White Coat Syndrome. Mine is sky high every time I go, so my doc started taking it AFTER our visit, just before I leave the exam room. Much better!

  5. Catrina- the snapper was delicious. Such a nice fish. Very sweet white meat. And see above as to the BP thing.

  6. Mary, I'm glad that you have a good doctor. With all the things going on in your world, having a caring doctor helps just a little.

  7. Wow! I've never seen hog snapper at our Public. We only get to have it when my son goes spearfishing. We usually make sushi with it. A real treat! Glad the Dr. is working out so well, it does help.Elizabeth had a great link on staying outraged and not losing your mind. Great advice.

  8. one of your readers let me know you were looking for this. I hope it helps.

  9. Hog snapper! How cool is that?! It's the Cozumel energy following you around. :)

    Poor Gibson. They really HAVE had a run of illnesses, haven't they? Hopefully this will be the last for a while.

    Sorry about my downer post today. I had to get it out of my system. I'll revert to my more positive self now. :)

  10. Gibson is the perfect kind of sick, sleeping a lot and peacefully, nowhere hurting, just enough for his mom to get a rest. There was something very cosy about those days when my own kids were young. Of course, Lily still has active little Maggie.

    And I am very grateful for this community, too. How special it is in this world we've been plunged into. How loving.


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