Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Another smile-full, sweet day.
A resting day. Yesterday was a lot of activity and to tell you the truth, Mr. Moon has had a cough the entire time he's been here. He got it before we left and I'm pretty sure it's the same cough that Lily's family had but it's been persistent and if he were running a fever, I'd be worried, but he's not. We may go see a pharmacist tomorrow for some antibiotics. He's not running a fever but I think that everything may have finally caught up with him so we took it easy today.
Of course, I feel great. I mean- it's ridiculous how good I feel in Cozumel. All the sleep and the pico de gallo and the swimming and the rum and the love. My joints feel fine, my muscles do not ache and this sounds crazy as shit but my hairbrush tells the truth of the matter in that I am not losing nearly as much hair every day as I do at home.

Well, I only report the truth.

I suppose it's not really what I'm eating or drinking or doing so much as it's the lack of stress. I feel myself melting into such a simple pattern and existence here and sitting and watching the sky and the water and not worrying about one damn thing.
Or at least, not very much. I am, after all, still the same woman.

So tonight we did exactly as I said we would for our supper.
After sunset we drove into town.

They have carts on the square where they sell everything from hamburguesas to ice cream but the place where people line up for blocks is the place where they sell the esquites. 
People stand in line patiently for long, long times to get a cup of this delicacy. It's corn, which is in a large pot and dipped out into cups

And then to each cup is added (DO NOT JUDGE ME) mayonnaise and sour cream and butter and cheese and then some of the pot liquid is added back and THEN they add lime juice (I think) and then some chili powder. 
It looks like this.

Esquites. Exquisite. 

We sat in the park eating our corn and watching the children run and play and then we walked across the square to the bar where we spent Christmas Eve and ordered daiquiris. 
I got mango and I do believe it had an entire mango in it. 

So that was our supper. 


So what did we do today besides eat and drink and snorkel? 
Well, we got a video from Owen telling us how much he loves us and misses us. And one from Gibson where he showed us his butt and then said, "Thank you, Mer and Boppy." 

And we gave Bagheera treats and she came in and played in a box and rubbed up against the refrigerator where she knows all of the wealth of goodness comes from and then she jumped up on the bed and had a chaste cuddle with Mr. Moon.

She is not much for physical affection but she will tolerate closeness. When we played cards this afternoon, she shared my chair with me the entire time. She sat on the back of it, I perched on the edge. She allowed me that privilege. 
Our hermit crab (our hermit crab) showed up again this evening as he (she?) always does. 

I swear- this crab is piquing my interest in hermit crab intelligence and behavior. I am not sure why it hangs out near the rooms the way it does but it shows up on our patio every day. I hope that we do not get home to find it in our dive bag. It is definitely the same crab every day. I recognize the shell. 

And here are a few pictures I took on the real camera today at sunset time. 

And this one that I took on the iPhone as we walked back to our car after the fruit course of our supper.

And okay, since I'm posting pictures here's one from the wall of the bar where we had our daiquiris.

Because you know- Keith. 

And I guess that's about all I have to say tonight. The guy at the restaurant is playing his guitar and singing, warning us that you can check in to the Hotel California but Choo Can Never Leave and this smile is hanging in the sky above me. 

One more full day tomorrow. 

Love from a bursting heart...Ms. Moon

P.S. Today I planted an avocado seed in one of the pots of plants bordering the patio/grass area. 
Do you think it will sprout? I am going to believe it will. 


  1. It will sprout. I believe with my whole stupid ❤️

  2. ps. We eat corn on the cob that way in the summer.

  3. That corn sounds delightfully sinfully good! And the drink too! Another great day! Keep going. I hope Mr Moon feels better quickly.

  4. Avocados are amazingly vigorous, as you know, so I'm sure it will grow! Glad to hear you're still having such a great time. I'm not sure about that esquites, though.

  5. "Mexican corn" was sold at our state fair this year. I remember googling the recipe and deciding that would just be a bad idea for me! Glad you are having a great time.

  6. I had roasted corn on the cob with sour cream, butter, cheese and lime for lunch yesterday! Your days in paradise sound gentle and lovely.

  7. I can't get over that corn thing. I want it.

    I am wishing you the safest trip back and an easy re-entry. I love thinking of you stress-free in Cozumel, with a full head of hair. I do miss Lloyd, though, and your adventures there.


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