Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Learning, Doing, Being, Hoping, Dreaming

I've had an unusual day for me in that when the gas log repairman got here, he told me that his wife was in the truck and that she loves old houses and could she come in and see mine?
Well. Sure.
And so she did and she herself has restored and repaired a hundred year old house down in Sopchoppy and told me many stories of that and I have to say that I certainly admire her work ethic and her tenacity. She is also working on restoring a sailboat because she has always yearned to sail. A little while ago she discovered that she has some potentially serious medical issues and has decided that she wants to spend whatever time she has left making her dreams come true which she is doing with hard work and effort.
It was a good lesson for me to listen to this woman and I was glad to meet her.
It turns out that the pilot lights on every one of our gas log inserts is rusted but the repairman was able to make two of them pretty functional and he was pleasant and knowledgable and he seemed to love his wife quite a bit and so it was an interesting afternoon and a productive one in that yes, now we have at least two fireplaces to heat with and I am grateful for that.

I also cut out a pattern for an outfit for Maggie.

I'm afraid it's going to be way too big for her but it's a project and I need a project and hopefully, she won't grow so much this summer that she won't be able to wear it when it's cool again in the fall. Whatever. It felt good to lay out the cloth (soft flannel, of course) and iron out the tissue pattern and lay it down and pin it and cut it out. I used to sew so much back when my children were little and I miss that sense of accomplishment that you get from neatly sewn seams, from working with cloth and tissue paper and thread and pins and scissors and the iron to make something for someone to wear. It was good for me to have something to concentrate on because I made the mistake of listening to DT's first press conference since July and I was flattened into despair and my anxiety was lit back into a flame and there is nothing good to say about any of that except that I will probably not be listening to any more of his press conferences or speeches. I truly think that the man is not only suffering from more than one sort of mental illness but I think that he may also be exhibiting the signs of dementia. 
Not to mention that he's a complete liar, an asshole, and a bullying rich baby who has no concept of grace or empathy or manners or actually any positive attribute or abilities which could serve him in the capacity of president but that's just my opinion. 

And so I kept on moving today, from laundry room to clothesline, to chicken house to kitchen, to garden and back through it all again. 

Owen called me to tell me that he got all A's and E's on his report card again and we discussed the adventure we're going to take tomorrow, driving to Jacksonville. I told him that it was going to be my job to keep him awake and that I am thinking of taking either a knitting needle or one of those barbecue forks to poke him with if he gets sleepy. 
He was pretty sure that I was joking. 
What I am actually going to do is to begin reading the first Harry Potter book to him. I think he is old enough and if anything can keep a seven-year old boy awake, it might be Harry Potter. I will read with as much drama as possible and I hope he enjoys it because I know I will. I remember reading the first Harry Potter books to Jessie and we still talk about those times. I can't find the actual book and I think Jessie may have it but I have downloaded it on my iPad and we shall make do with that. 
Mr. Moon has gone with Lily and the children to the car repair place to have the van checked out and the oil changed so that our little journey will go smoothly tomorrow. He is such a good Boppy. Such a good man. I got these pictures. 

It appears to me that they were having entirely too much fun and perhaps too much red dye but they legislate the safety of that shit, right? 

August is with his parents down in Orlando right now where Vergil was sent on business. They are staying at some big resort hotel which the company is paying for and Jessie reports that there is something like 4.5 acres of atrium and so they have been doing some exploring. 

There's August looking at the fish in the pond and I wish I could be there to hear him say "issshhh" which is how he says fish. He is actually sick and running a fever but he appears to be having a good time anyway. 
They will be back on Friday. 

My babies. 

And tomorrow WILL be an adventure, riding to Jacksonville, sitting between my Maggie and my Owen, starting the process of hopefully finding a diagnosis and treatment. 
I realize that none of this is going to be easy but sooner started, best begun or whatever the quote is. And it seems like it's taken so long just to get started but tomorrow we will.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My nana, whom you remind me of, taught me to sew. I love the sound or ironing a pattern. And pinning it to fabric and the snip, snip, snipmwhen cutting it out. Oh, how I miss her. She loved me so much. Just like you with your grand babies.

    I did laundry today too. And got my radiator replaces. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books.

    Sending my thoughts to all of you tomorrow. Tell Lily I said that I know how hard it is to be a mama right now. Sometimes I don't know how our hearts don't break in two. Or maybe they do. Much love, dear Lily.

  2. Big hugs, good thoughts, good mojo, and yes, even prayers that all goes well tomorrow. I hope the doctors find the cause and put everyone's mind at ease. Hug that boy and keep him awake!

  3. Have a good journey there. There is so much love and strength in your family. Hope there are answers ahead.

  4. good to know of your trip with Owen the wide awake lad. And thank you so much for reminding how satisfying sewing can be, I miss it, must get my machine serviced, It is a new fangled thing that I do not understand. The baby man -The Orange One , can not last. Four years? NO! He will likely be impeached five days into the job and then we are stuck with Pence. Which is worse? I don't know.Anyway, try not to fret, your family is wonderful , your family is love. you are in good hands.

  5. I wish I could sew like you do, making beautiful gifts for beloveds...
    I did not watch chump, but did watch Our Beloved President and was moved to tears several times. He always takes the high road, yet doesn't waver from principles. I was moved to tears several times. I don't want him to go. I am scared...
    Sending love as you embark on your journey tomorrow. I hope the three of you love your doctor as much as s/he is going to love you, Lily, and Owen. May the results of this visit be all we could possibly hope, Lorie

  6. I think your Jessie and my son are close in age and so you must have been reading the first Harry Potter to her while I was reading it to my boy! He was exactly Owen's age now and he loved it. It was the book that made him decide to be a reader. Just let Owen know he might have to get through the first part till they get to Platform 9 1/2. I actually think the first 50 pages are the weakest of the entire series, and yet necessary somehow. On the other hand YOU will be reading, with drama, so I think Owen will definitely stay awake. What a great MerMer you are!

  7. Good luck to all of you tomorrow. I am thinking of sweet Owen and sending my love. Hang in there.

  8. Have a good trip and I hope also some decent answers and possibly A PLAN for Owen's health.
    I lost my patience for sewing, I can just about manage a straight seam now and I did sew for my child and myself. But luckily, my man can sew and repair and replace zippers etc.
    I watched that freak show of a press conference but had to switch off when he started to talk about "tiny, tiny cameras everywhere". I mean, seriously.

    I am totally convinced that the radical and open minded and concerned people in your country will find ways for social action, not out of anger or frustration, but out of love for life and our planet and each other.

  9. Owen's hair sure has darkened. and what a relief to finally get started on determining what ails the boy. as for the Trumplethinskin, well, you know how I feel. the man has not one shred of decency or class, his only concern is whoever he thinks is disrespecting him. the country? not so much. I've had to stop reading about his shit (couldn't ever stand to listen to him) because people keep checking on me to see if I'm OK. it's gonna happen and so all we can do is wait it out and dissent.

  10. They legislate the safety of red dye for NOW, but who knows what will happen in a months' time?

    Seriously, I ignored the whole DT press conference. I've decided I don't need to be incrementally aware of everything that man says or does. And I'm a former journalist! Go figure. I respect truth and reason too much to stomach him. He brings up such revulsion in me.

    Good luck on the trip tomorrow. I'll be eager to hear what the experts say.

  11. I am holding a space in my heart and mind for you all today. May all be well. May all be well.
    All those hours we too spent reading those books to our girl...Magical, sweet and exciting. Owen will love it.

  12. Holding you all close to my heart as you make this journey of hope to find out what is bedeviling your dear Owen. I know he will be soothed and thrilled by your reading of Harry Potter. Sending hugs from here. x0 N2

  13. lucky Owen, who is just the right age for Harry Potter - they're 6-9 recommended, I believe. My friend's very clever 7 year old has started reading them to herself. I'm not sure how I feel about that as there's scary bits, but her mom fell asleep 6 pages into the first one, so her daughter yoinked it and kept on reading :)

    Good luck with the trip and the pokin'. And the docs, and I hope for a good outcome that makes everyone feel ok xx

  14. Not enough can be said about MAGGIE'S SHOES.


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