Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fathers And Love And So Forth

I have tried and tried to write words between these pictures that will, would, might possibly explain or tell the story of a Christmas, of a family but I just can't.

It's all too much and really, Christmas is too much but now it's over and what we have left is each other and a hell of a lot of toys and some leftovers and more love than I could even imagine and some crazy stories to tell from here on out. 

And if I won the lottery, we'd all spend next Christmas together in Cozumel, and it would be like the Christmas of the family I observed at the hotel where we were staying last year, Mr. Moon and I, and which I wrote about here.

"I can't believe it's Tuesday," I told Mr. Moon this morning.
"Actually," he said, "It's Wednesday."
"I can't believe it's Wednesday," I said.

And tomorrow Jessie and Vergil will be here so I'm leaving the tree up, I'm going to go put the cookies that are left in smaller containers, I'm going to...oh, I don't know. Recover?

And I'm going to say one more thing- fathers are incredibly important and we have some of the finest fathers in the world right here in our family and today is the birthday of Mr. Moon's father, whom we miss so very, very much. 
If there is any sanity in my world at all, a huge part of it must be attributed to him and to his wife and to the way they raised my husband. 

Happy Birthday, Paw-Paw. You would be so proud of your son and the family he has now. So VERY proud.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Recover, dear Mary. The photos say everything about love. I clicked and made them all large and marveled over every one. You done good, Mary Moon. Never doubt that you have.

  2. Fathers are very important. Mothers make the cookies though. :)

    Glad you and yours had a wonderful day!

  3. the hole left by someone in your chosen family that makes up for all the abuse in your given family is very large indeed. we just lost tony's grandma, who is the grandma i always dreamed of vs. the grandma i got through my mother's side. thinking of you today,


  4. Those pictures tell it well. Glad you had a good Christmas.

  5. You DO have some of the finest fathers right there, I completely agree. A lovely uncle too :) Love that photo of Hank and May looking just like each other.

    We had a nice day with an uncle and his girlfriend and some wonderful, colourful food too, today. xx

  6. I imagine what goes in between those photos and I imagine how grateful you are for these present-day fathers, how you celebrate those that have done the real job of fathering. And I know that your recognition of this is deeply entwined with your own experiences, and that's brave. Sending love and merry day after wishes to you --

  7. Recovery -- amen to that. I am recovering too.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So you've pretty much written a family-themed novel here. :)

  8. Such delightful pictures, most especially the one of Owen kissing Gibson and handsome Mr. Moon in his various headgear! Thanks for sharing. S. Jo

  9. who needs words when you have those pictures?

  10. Merry After Christmas! I'm so glad you were surrounded by your loves.

  11. In total agreement about the importance of good fathers and am lucky to have one myself and to be married to a man who was raised by a good father as well. I have a single-mother friend whose son latches onto my husband every time he comes heart breaks for him because he is so desperate for a male role model, but at at least he's had the sense to pick a good one. Enjoy your blessings this week!

  12. Yes, I could do with a nice quiet recovery day today . . . I have a bike to build first though, where are those Dads when you need them?
    Lovely photos Ms Moon x

  13. Great photos, Mary. So much happiness. That is a good thing.


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