Monday, December 10, 2012

It Doesn't Take A Whole Lot To Delight Me

All right. You see that picture? You see that bird at the bird feeder? That is not a crow, folks. That is BABY! She flew right up there this morning and started eating the bird seed. That crazy chicken! I love her more every day. She's had a lot of excitement today and I'll discuss that here in a bit.

Lily and the boys came out and Gibson immediately perked up and wasn't fussy one darn bit

 and his fever was gone and Lily got to take a bath in my beautiful bathtub and I played with the boys and then she got out of the tub and we both played with the boys, or rather, let Owen entertain us which he is so very good at. His imagination is getting better than L Ron Hubbard's and let me just say that when you go on a plane ride with Owen to Marco's Pizza, he will give you a suitcase and he will tell you to fasten your seatbelt and put on your helmet and then, the plane will threaten to crash over and over again but Owen will save you by fixing the batteries and the holes in the plane and all will be well. It's a MIRACLE! I tell you.

And then Lily laid down for a nap on my bed and she slept for an hour and I got Gibson to sleep and took him in to sleep with her and they slept for two more hours and Owen and I had a very, very good time together. I got so many good hugs and kisses and I-love-you's.

Here is Owen making hot lava. I have no idea where he came up with this idea but it involves juice and water and at least three glasses to pour the mixture back and forth in. As you can see, it is a very serious enterprise.

I also have to say that there was quite a bit of hot lava spillage to the point where I took away all of the juice and water and then he did some painting, but mostly on his face.

Later on in the afternoon, I suddenly heard a falsetto crowing which was definitely NOT Elvis and we went out to investigate and there, lo and behold! was Fancy, the banty rooster we'd raised and who'd gone to live with the chickens next door. I think he was trying to recruit Baby or at least trying to fuck her and he did his Fancy fancy dance around her but she was having none of it.

He hung around and acted like he'd never left but when it came time to roost, Elvis chased him off a little way in a sternly authoritarian manner. I wonder if he'll be back tomorrow. We'll see. I was just telling Mr. Moon yesterday that I haven't seen Elvis top a hen in a long time and I don't know if that's because he's getting older or because it's winter or what, but for whatever reason, he's not getting much these days. That I'm seeing, anyway. But he's still a fabulous husband to the sister-wife hens and keeping an eye on each and every one and if we give him treats, he drops them and calls for the hens to come and get them. He is SUCH a good rooster.

And so that was my day which was filled with little boys and chickens and silliness and fun and cuddles and kisses and you can't beat that. Or at least I can't. Hillary Clinton probably got a lot more accomplished than I did today although I did do two loads of laundry and I seriously doubt Hillary did THAT. I've got chicken simmering on the stove with celery and carrots and garlic and onions and I'm going to make dumplings to go in there too and there's arugula for me to make salad from that I picked in the garden.

So I better get busy.

Yours truly...Mer Mer Moon


  1. Yay for boys and snuggles and hugs and mommas getting naps and Baby eating from the bird feeder... (Well, she IS after all, a bird!) And a creative one too.

    Sounds like a fabulous day.

    Funny seque from the dear chicken pets to the yummy chicken in the pot. I wish I had some of your chicken in the pot with dumplings right now. DAMN! That sounds good.

  2. What a perfect day. Could Gibson be any cuter? And Owen any more adorable? I don't think so.

  3. This post makes me think of Sam Cooke singing Little Red Rooster:

  4. I wish my day had been your day. Then again, I usually do :)

  5. Delightful day.
    I loved reading about it.
    Love Owen's mad scientist face as he creates the hot lava. And just felt very happy that Lily got a hot bath and a good long nap.
    You're such a good mama and grandmaw.

  6. What a beautiful day.

    I'm thinking for Christmas I may send Owen some hot lava boots. But maybe he already has some!

  7. MerMer Moon, that is one fine family you have (including chickens, of course)!

  8. How long do roosters live, anyway?

  9. "Hot lava" -- hilarious. Kids are so funny.

    And Baby! Who knew she was so acrobatic, and such a romantic (?) target?

  10. Ms. Fleur- I know. I love my chickens and I eat chicken. Well, I'm a damn hypocrite. I know it.

    Angella- Not in my world.

    Nancy- Great link! Chickens are just sort of an integral part of the blues, aren't they?

    SJ- Because I got my laundry done? Haha!

    Bethany- I try to be. I really do.

    Jill- What in blue blazes are hot lava boots?

    Lulumarie- They're pretty cute. Chickens included.

    Gradydoctor- Well, maybe I roll.

    Mr. Downtown- I looked it up. Maybe 7-12 years. So Elvis is good for awhile at least if a critter don't get him. I don't want to think of him ever dying. He's such a fine, fine rooster.

    Steve Reed- She is a cutie, you know.

  11. Mer Mer - my now 18 year old daughter used to wear hot lava boots in the house whenever there was hot lava to avoid. It is the only way you can keep from getting burned :)

  12. "He just wants to fuck her" made me laugh! Aren't all males like that occasionally? :)


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