Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mice And Wedding Dresses And Filthy Mouths And Bad Attitudes

It's cold this morning and dammit, I didn't wrap the plants last night and I hope I didn't lose any but I probably did.
I got a text from Lily last night with this picture.

The message said, "Meet Creature and Bubba, your grandmice!"

Oh Lord.

Really? Yes. I know that mice can make lovely pets. So can rats and no, I don't want one. I spend my life hoping that no more rats get into this house and make their home in the closet. But Keith Richards had a mouse for a pet when he was a child. He took the thing to school with him in his pocket. So I guess that Owen can have pet mice. You know, if Keith did it, it's okay.
Have a pet mouse.

It was a very cozy and nice evening here last night despite the fact that the electricity kept flickering on and off. We ate pinto beans cooked with some Christmas ham and collard greens from the garden and watched The Blues Brothers which always, always makes me laugh. When I went to see that movie in the theater back when dirt was a new invention, I laughed so hard that my then-husband was embarrassed and told me to tone it down. I can't help it. There's something about the absurdity in that movie that I find completely charming.

So we watched TV and laughed and ate our pinto beans and it was a very nice evening and today our baby girl and her man are coming and our little world will change again, the energy and joy of those two people in the house. Jessie and Vergil. Can you believe they're getting married in April?

And on Saturday Lily and May and Jessie and I are going to go look at wedding dresses. Oh Lord. Why do girls want these frothy confections to be married in? Why didn't I? I guess is the more reasonable question. It just never occurred to me. Maybe because I was a hippie. I don't know. The first time I got married I was wearing a skirt I'd made from a pair of Levi's and a flannel shirt which was completely appropriate to wear to be married in a judge's chambers in Bainbridge, Georgia. The second time I did actually buy a lovely white Jessica McClintock dotted swiss dress with a sash so I guess I did want a frothy dress but it wasn't that frothy. Anyway, Lily wanted and got a beautiful dress and Jessie wants one too and so she shall have one. And then she'll dance in it and it'll be ruined and that'll be fine because really, wedding dresses are one-offs if you ask me.

God, I'm rambling.

I just spoke to Lily and apparently Owen has renamed the mice. They are now Daddy and Owen.
This makes perfect sense and will make things all the more pleasant when one of them dies. The mice, that is. One of the mice.

I should go take a walk. I'm getting fatter by the second although I'm sure that the half a cup of oatmeal I just ate will go a long ways in reversing that trend.
Yesterday I ate salad and fruitcake for breakfast. The salad had ham in it.

Lord, it's a beautiful day.

Christmas is over, my baby's coming home and it's a beautiful day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. i don't think you know how funny you are! oh lord, i laughed. especially about renaming the mice.

    you are going to have so much fun with your girls wedding dress shopping. the bonding and laughing time is the best and maybe the only reason for a frothy dress.

  2. I had mice as a kid - Salt and Pepper. I also had a couple hamsters - Muffin was amazing and when he died I wrote a poem about him. Milk was a crazy bitch hamster who was pregnant when we bought her and I didn't know until I suddenly had 9 hamsters running around. I also tried a goldfish, but it died and some love birds, but those were god awful and so now I just stick to cats. Cats are good.

    I bet Mr. Moon loves the way you laugh about Blues Brothers now - probably one of the many reasons.

  3. Hee! The mice look wonderful :)

    I started laughing from the opening moment of the Blues Brothers - I'd no idea what it was or what was so funny, but just those footsteps coming over the grid in the jail were hilarious. Unequalled comedy from start to finish.

    My wedding dress is still hanging uncleaned in my cupboard. Sigh.

    My friend bought a second hand one that was perfect. Jessie's going to look so beautiful whatever she wears though... abd April will be here in a flash!

  4. Never wanted mice as pets. Cats and dogs and horses were my thing. My wife did have a beautiful velvet skirt for our wedding and wore it again several times. She still has it. My wedding suit went away a long time ago.

  5. Maya watches that Say Yes to the Dress show and I cannot get over the amount of money brides spend on dresses on that show. My car isn't worth that much.

  6. If they're Owen's pets, maybe they're your great-grand mice.
    I had mice. They were named Hanky and Panky.

  7. Awww, grandmice! I never had mice -- I had gerbils, which are basically mice by another name -- but in any case they'll be wonderful pets.


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