Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pictures Like This

Are making me cry the big tears.
For more, you can go here. 

Or probably anywhere, all over the internet.

Well done, Washington State! Very well done! Now let us hope that the Supreme Court will do the right thing and repeal that cruel and illegal Defense Of Marriage Act.

And to all of the couples who are finally and at last able to marry legally, I extend huge congratulations and I my very own specific wish that someday all of what has come before will be nothing but a memory of a sad and bad time of ignorance, superstition and fear.

Love is love. Love is all.


  1. It will be a very bad memory someday just as not allowing women to vote or slavery are bad memories.

  2. I hope so too. This is a big issue over here in the UK too. All I can think is - what is wrong with love? Does it matter what body it is wrapped up in? Love is the answer, as a wise man once said....

  3. Rubye Jack- Yes. And everyone will wonder What The Fuck was THAT all about? Jesus.

    Annicles- No. It does not matter. And beyond all of that, it is just a damn matter of Civil Rights. Which in our countries should be for ALL! Amen. Done. Let's get this shit accomplished!

  4. Ain't it beautiful. MY state, hurrah!!!

    XX Beth

  5. Beth- Yes! It is so beautiful and I think of you every time I think of this boldness.

  6. What Rubye Jack said.

    My favorite photo was the two womyn who are getting married on Dec. 12 after 32 years of being together. How special is that? ~ 12-12-12!

  7. I like what Ruby said. Yes, a bad memory and a sad reflection of discrimination.

  8. Three cheers for civil rights!!


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