Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Today's shopping went so much better than I thought it would that it's almost ridiculous. 
I actually...wait for this...had a pretty darned good time.

I started out at the New Leaf where Billy works because I just needed a Billy hug. Which I got and also, some soybeans. Hugs and Soybeans. Good name for a hippie band?
I think so.

Then I went to Ross, simply because it was right next door. And that was awesome! Not only were there hardly any people there, but everything I picked up to admire cost like six bucks. Yay! Or five bucks! Better yet! And the best part was that the Muzak was all some sort of Soul Christmas and it was the most groovy Christmas music I ever in my life heard.
So. Excellent.

After Ross I went to Kohl's. I know, this doesn't sound too local. But there was something there that I had been told might make a nice present for someone and so I went and found it and wandered around and looked at some more shit and then I checked out, DONE with that.

Drove next to Gaines Street which is about the closest Tallahassee comes to a funkadelic shopping area. Specifically Rail Road Square Art Park. Hit up a nice little local book store and then spent about an hour happily wandering around a vintage place where I picked up a few more tiny treasures. I had lunch in the same area because it was already after two by this point.

Now on across town but not TOO far to the groovalicious Quarter Moon shop. I walked in and damn! It was all differently arranged. "How long since y'all redid everything?" I asked.
"About a year and a half," someone said.
Oh my. I really HAVEN'T been shopping in awhile.
I immediately found a few things I wanted and then I spied an old friend whom I hadn't talked to in forever. Not the kind of friend that you're thinking inside, "Oh god. No. Don't let him see me." But, in fact, the kind of friend that you're thrilled to see! It was Juancho! 
And right then and there I got another great hug. It was like...Christmas! or something!

Finished up there and drove back across town but headed in the home direction to a big box store but NOT Walmart so it was okay. There I scored a few more things, then one stop at a liquor store to get two more presents and I was done. DONE BABIES! DO YOU HEAR ME?????

By this time it was storming to beat the band so I drove home like the cautious old woman I am and the roads were about flooded but I did not care. I had finished my Christmas shopping. I felt like I could have flown home.

I hope everyone likes the presents I've gotten them. Mostly because, well, you know, I love them and also I've probably lost the receipts. But even if everyone loves what I got them, no present I will give this year is as awesome as the one Kathleen brought me last night.

Here's one.

That's a free rag she picked up down at the coast last week. Now let me give you another picture of the article on the front page.

Do you see that? I know the author did not intend this to be the case but dammit, isn't that practically a Guide To How To Kill Your Dog With Chocolate?

But you know Kathleen would never do anything halfway. So with the newspaper, she also brought me this.

Now- does that woman know me or what?
She is so thoughtful. 
I love her. 

So there you go. Christmas is definitely looking up. 

Just thought I'd let you know. Here's hoping that yours is too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Fantabulous! I think from now on, whether we're talking about shopping or chocolate or killing dogs, we should use exclamation marks! Don't you think?! I'm going to!

  2. Elizabeth- Exclamation marks AND CAPS!!!!
    (Okay, maybe that shot of espresso wasn't a great idea.)

    Mr. Downtown- No shit. Those dogs better be on their best behavior.

  3. Yay - what a great day you had!!!

    And bawaahhaawaahaa for that gift from Kathleen. That is the funniest thing ever especially since we all know you and your dogs! A perfect gift for you.

  4. Well, you sure did choose several of my favorite stores... That makes a huge difference when shopping, especially this time of year.

    Funny you mentioned the soul style Christmas music. A few days ago I heard a song by BB King and somebody else called Backdoor Santa, and I thought of you! I mean seriously, how cool is that title? So, if you haven't heard it, it may be worth checking out for a chortle.

    Stay well.

  5. Glad you had a good shopping day. Better than time-traveling online ordering? ;)

  6. Ha! My idiot dog ate a razor blade today, but happily (ha!) puked it up moments later.

    My thoughts were: oh god, what an asshole I'm going to be when he dies a terrible horrible death. But then my office won't smell like terrible dog. Then I went back to feeling like an asshole. Kind of.And now Mr. Bill, wunderdog, is snuggling with jonah so I guess he'll have to stay until he dies a natural death of too much chocolate.

    I am deeply envious of your anxiety free shopping expedition. I lasted all of ten minutes today, and then had to go home with a serious panic attack. Wee! Christmas!

  7. Bring on the chocolate. Dang it Ms Moon, this post does not sound like you. Loving Christmas shopping? Well done. I am sure they all will like their pressies if you went through so much to get them. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. Finishing the shopping feels so good. And, Ha! Hahaha! That gift from Kathleen is hilarious.

  9. Ha! That's funny! Glad your shopping went well -- what a surprise!!

  10. Send me the dogs. I prefer them over most people. :) I'll trade you for a cat who is a great mouser but hates snow so he's in the house from November to March terrorizing everyone.

  11. I love Kathleen, but she is on my SHIT LIST now.


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