Monday, December 3, 2012

P.S. What Planet Do These People Live On?

Okay. Seriously. This is what I just read in the newspaper in an article entitled "Tips for de-stressing holiday hosting."

Don't pour the open champagne down the drain once everybody leaves, says Kristin Fraser Cotte, CEO and founder of The Grapeseed Co., an eco-friendly line of "vinotherapy" spa and skin care products. Take a well-deserved soak in it instead.
Combine half a cup of Epsom salt and one cup of powdered milk in a bowl, then add one cup of champagne, she said. 
Warm one teaspoon of honey in the microwave for 30 seconds, adding it to the mixture. Pour into running bath water, throw in some rose petals and relax.

Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?!


  1. Who does this shit? And what kind of person would throw champagne down the sink? WHO? Sickies, that's who.

  2. As if there's leftover booze after people leave! (And if there is, you pour it down your throat, not down the drain.)

  3. the only thing I pour champagne down is my throat.

  4. Sure you can bathe in the champagne, but what do you do with left over caviar and Kobe beef?


    Damn, better stop drinking, time I went to bathe myself and relax.

  6. Some people clearly have far more money, time and leftover champagne (ha!) than sense...

  7. Hahaha. I usually use my leftover champagne as wiindow cleaner. Silly me. This idea is far more relaxing, daaarrrllling.

  8. A waste of champagne and rose petals! Plus, I'm imagining the mess this concoction would make in my tub and guess who gets to clean it? Doesn't sound very relaxing to me!

  9. I do this shit twice a day. And who the fuck has leftover champagne?

  10. If you have leftover champagne after a party, your party was lame.

  11. But then what will you have for breakfast?

  12. I'm with you Hank! I'd be makin up some mimosas or poinsettas! Yummy!

  13. I thought I was decadent soaking my feet in my son's used bathwater.

  14. Does this person also shit diamond rings?

  15. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I fill my swimming pool with leftover champagne. So?

  16. Birdie- Seriously- is that even an option? Who knew?

    heartinhand- If there IS any left, I'm drinking it.

    Ellen- Why would anyone even consider anything else?

    Brother Wrecking Ball- You puree it in the food processor and make a facial out of it. Duh!

    Jo- Right?

    Mama D- And yet, they appear to be successful business people. "Vinotherapy?" WTF?!

    Denise- Oh! Duly noted! My windows ARE in dire need of cleaning.

    Sarah- I had the same thought. And who wants to bathe with nasty rose petals all stuck to their naked selves? Ick.

    Billy- This would explain your lovely skin.

    Magnum- Quite frankly, none of my parties involve champagne. I guess it COULD happen. I'm just thrilled when there's beer left in the cooler.

    Mr. Downtown- What? What is Mr. Downtown? Downtown Guy with a tie on? I love you, baby! No matter what your name is.

    Ms. Fleur- What in hell is a poinsettia?

    Stephanie- Okay. That cracked me up. You live on my planet.

    Rachel- That cracked me up too. Maybe not diamond rings. Maybe only ruby rings.

    Beth- I know. Me too. AND the hot tub.

  17. I do that every day. I don't know what you're talking about.

  18. Steve Reed- Have a standing order at the florist for rose petals, do you?

  19. LOL-this must be how the 1% spends Christmas.


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