Saturday, December 1, 2012

As My Friend Rayanne Always Used To Say

I do love a man with a chain saw who can take direction.


  1. Oh honey. Mine did that for me Thanksgiving day, took out a dead cherry tree for me and put it exactly where I asked him to, even though it looked sure to fall the other way. We had a good time stacking wood.

    Be still my heart. A handy man who loves you is a treasure.

  2. But isn't it a crime to take down a palm tree? Those trees hold a special place in my heart. So do the Magnolias. I will have a Magnolia in my back yard one day.

  3. That's going down as one of my favorite maxims ever.


  4. Shit yeah.

    Even though I'm a lesbianska, I have a wee crush on your man. Chain saws are HOT.

    XXXXx Beth

  5. Rebecca- Palm trees are in no danger of extinction. Believe me.

  6. Looks like he is having fun.


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