Saturday, December 1, 2012

I am fighting with the wifi here at the Gibson and no one is winning and so I'm posting via my phone which is never ideal. The connection between brain and thumbs is a bit clumsy and halting.
But it's been a good day.
When I am here now, in Apalachicola I am constantly scanning all around me to see if I can visualize us living here. I have been doing this for over twenty years now but it has become a more immediate concern as we are coming up on the time when dream may in fact become reality.
My heart is mostly swayed by the geographical setting. The great bay, the river, the gulf which all of this leads to and feeds and is fed by. Having grown up some in a fishing village, the water and the sky and the white sand instead of dirt and the smells...
These all feel like home.
Home is people, too.
Will I find my people here?
I see hints that I may. There are artists and writers and the small but perfect bookstore where they sell beautiful yarns and bamboo knitting needles and notebooks too. There is Tamara's Cafe Con Leche which sells coffee, of course, and pretty things and they have pictures of Dylan and Obama and his beautiful family and there are books to read and the river right out front.
Lord. The truth is, I have been drawn here over and over for twenty years and more, and that is probably as much a sign as anything.
Well. Mr. Moon is hungry and I think we'll just go downstairs and have our supper right here again. The chef they have found is talented. No doubt about that. I am not sure how long he'll last in Apalach. He doesn't seem to have the easy ways of a man who can be happy in such a slow and quirky little place as this so we might as well enjoy his gifts while we can.
Slow and quirky.
Am I one of those people who can enjoy such a place?
I think so.
And then there's this. The Mexican place which has sprung up.
My tamales for lunch were delicious.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You just described me perfectly - slow and quirky.
    Anyway, is there anyway you could keep the house in Lloyd after you move? Just in case.
    I think this would be a major dilemma for anyone Mary. You have a place you love and a place you're maybe love even more but you don't know that. Hell, embrace the unknown and just throw your heart into it as if it is done. How exciting it will be!

  2. Except for the humidity, it's sounds ideal to me. And I imagine that any place that counts you and Mr. Moon as inhabitants will be an idea place to live.

  3. Don't you think you're kinda slow and quirky??? Or maybe quick and quirky? Wouldn't that work, too?

  4. You're gonna draw those same-same as you, honey. Hell, I might move there to be by you. And you can bring the chickens. And your green thumb.

    XXX Beth

  5. I understand this dilemma better than i would like to... My sense is that there would be an adjustment period which will be difficult. Being away from the grands and May Hank Lily and Jason and the rest of your chosen family.. BUT.. You will adjust, and they will visit often. It will be a great get together place, so beautiful.

    Trust yourself and Mr. Moon. You will know what to do when the time comes. I trust you both.
    Be easy.
    Love m

  6. ooh I can feel the warnth........sounds divine.....we have a frosty moring here in London!!!

  7. sounds perfect to me as I am slow and quirky myself


  8. I've really got to visit up there sometime. I've never been to Apalachicola, though I've been in the vicinity.

  9. I love the snowman painted in the Mexican Restaurant window!

  10. I like Appalach. It seems like a laid back place. And lots of good land around that isn't all condos and asphalt.


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