Sunday, December 9, 2012

And All Is Very, Very Well Again

When I got to the Opera House for the tear-down and clean-up there was a hugely tall man standing in front of the building wearing camouflage.
I knew that man!
Mr. Moon met me there to help on his way back from Georgia.
Bless his sweet heart. We got that place all put back in order in less than an hour with only seven of us working at it.
Now we're home and it feels right again. Like, sigh, yes, good. He has admired the Christmas tree and unpacked and he did not catch a deer but he did see some turkeys and had a good time. He also went to the trash depot and picked up an old Radio Flyer wagon which someone had dropped off and which I saw this morning when I took the trash and wished I'd gotten. I'm going to fill it with dirt and plant some pansies in it. Wouldn't Martha Stewart be proud of me? Okay. Maybe not. That call that shit "repurposing" these days which sort of makes my stomach hurt a little bit but in this case I like the idea.  And I love that he went and got that rusty old thing for me.

I'm going to make him pork chops and sweet potatoes for supper and I'm sort of excited about that. Maybe I'll even make biscuits.

I am a domesticated animal. That is just the damn truth.


  1. Mr. Downtown- Honey, we were just talking about how much we love you. I'll be very happy to give him a hug from you.

  2. I can just picture you guys munching on a lovely pork chop dinner with biscuits and taters. Yummy.

    Sounds like a cozy scene.
    Hugs to you both.

  3. What a sweet suprise to find that very tall man waiting for you in front of the Opera House!

    Please tell Glen that John and I are watching a beautiful DVD called "Magic and Bird: A Courtship of Rivals" ~ I think he would love it and I bet you would, too. I've already shed a few tears because it's so touching. Check it out!

  4. The wagon sounds cool! I wonder if even a rusty Radio Flyer wagon has some value? Maybe you could put it on eBay. (If you don't go the pansy route.)

  5. I might be a post or two late but I love your Christmas tree . . . I keep going back to look at it, hoping for inspiration to get on with mine . . .
    Love the new photos in the sidebar too!

  6. So nice that he stopped to help you. Even in camouflage. I love your christmas tree, and your nativity scene. Mine has a coyote and an armadillo in it and I love it. Hurraah to personal nativity scenes...

  7. Nice that he was there to see you. And the old Radioflyer is cool too.

  8. I'm a tad bit green with envy at the Radio Flyer score! Pics please!


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