Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Lord, I didn't get half done what I thought I'd get done today but I'm fine with that. It was a good day and it's not really over yet. The sun is just going down and in a minute I'll go out and shut up the chickens. Owen helped me do that last night and he wore his grandfather's headlight and I kept saying, "Look here so I can count these chickens," and he would swing his head this way and that and all the hens and Elvis were there and we walked back to the house together in the cold dark.

I took him his soccer ball this morning and he kissed it. He was so happy. He and Lily and Gibson and I went to Costco together and he cried and cried because he wanted to get their cat a house. He got over it though, the crying. We ate samples of everything from meatballs to spinach dip and it was all good. Then we went to Publix and his mama let him pick out a toy for the cat and he was completely happy.

By the time I got home with all the groceries it was way past time for the party to have started. I decided I'd slice the loaf of bread and if it was good, I'd go to the party and if it wasn't, I'd stay home.

That was a fine loaf of bread. Very, very fine and big as the Baby Jesus. So I wrapped up the bread and put on some mascara and lipstick and a silver necklace of hearts and I went to the party and I'm glad I did. Sweet old hippie friends, some of whom I've known for almost forty years now. Kids that I remember being born, way grown up, getting gray hair now themselves. Just a comforting thing to hug people you've known for that long, grew up with, in a manner of speaking. My teachers, many of them, in the various ways of this world and I am grateful for them.
I probably spent more time talking to my ex-husband's wife than anyone else. She and I have a special bond and we're both grandmas now and when I left, she walked me to my car and we discussed the idea of her just leaving with me, coming back to my house to drink some rum. I told her I had spare overalls and a heavenly guest room bed but she's a conscientious grandmother and stayed at the party with the young'uns and their grandpa.
It would have been fun, though.

So it's been a good day. I have a load of laundry in the washing machine and the damn dogs still smell like death, only worse, and not one present is wrapped and I haven't made any more cookies but whatever. Who cares? I have two more days.

I just read May's blog and it made me cry. Made me happy, too.

Yeah. A good day. I feel like the blessings have rained down on my head and for once, I'm not fighting them.

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Never resist blessings. I'm sort of catching up going backwards in time.

  2. Three cheers for blessings and good days this close to Christmas!

  3. the fruit fell close enough to kiss the tree. i'm talking about you and may. just beautiful.

  4. You are truly blessed and I hope you can acknowledge the role you play in such a loving family. I am so happy for you. s Jo

  5. So glad that the bread was good and the party was also. These are extraordinary times.


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