Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're All Feeling Better Now

I got to the Assisted Living place and Mother was pitiful. Yes, she was. But she'd eaten some and I found out that last night she'd even gone to the dining room for some soup and she's been drinking plenty of fluids and I started showing her pictures of the boys and telling her stories about them and before I knew it, she was laughing and then the doctor came up and then we were all laughing and I told her she better get herself together because she has nine people coming for dinner and that's that.
She asked me to find her an outfit, which I did, and I got her a bowl of soup and some crackers and she said she'd eat that and then take a nap and she allowed as how she might not eat anything at the dinner but that would be okay and I said that yes, it would because I had a feeling that someone at our table would manage to eat whatever she didn't and she laughed about that, too. I think she was feeling somewhat cheerful when I left.

And then I went and had a near-perfect experience of happiness, at least ten minutes of it. I bought a pre-packaged Cuban sandwich from Publix and I sat in my car in the parking lot and ate it and read part of the New Yorker I'd just gotten and for that amount of time, I was completely and utterly content. I was as happy as any cow in any pasture on a sunny day, up to her knees in the lushest grass on the planet.

It's funny how that works, isn't it? A three dollar and fifty-cent cold sandwich, a magazine, and solitude. The whole world spun on without me and it was grand.


  1. So glad your mom is better. That time in the car with a sandwich and a magazine sounds perfect to me too.

  2. This is just...sacred. You had just left your mother happy. And somehow, that unchained something inside you and allowed you the peace to just be.

    This made me happy.

  3. Boy oh boy. Right there with with you. Only I went for a pedicure. I needed it worse than my feet did, if ya know what I mean.

  4. Happy you both are feeling better. Hope the evening goes as well.

  5. Happiness runs in a circular motion . . . Donovan. Good stuff x

  6. Good to hear your mom is better and happier.
    I remember I used to love shopping at Costco and then buying a hot dog and eating it in the car when I was still in California. Oh if only Oklahoma had Costco, I would probably be in heaven. I do miss the west coast.

  7. I love what Angella said. Beautiful

  8. Mel- It was glory.

    Angella- You might be right, darling woman.

    Denise- I definitely know what you mean.

    Ms. Fleur- It did!

    bugerlugs- I still love Donovan.

    Rubye Jack- Costco can be pretty awesome. And I hear they pay their employees pretty well and give them good health coverage. So I don't have to feel so guilty about shopping there.

    Deb- She's a wise one.

  9. Nice and glad that your mother is better. I am having some solitude tonight.


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