Friday, December 14, 2012

There. That's what the fucking moon looks like tonight from my backyard.

A grinning scythe moon.

I have felt sick all day, crazy-sick but quiet sick. And I got no words. Anyone who has words, well, go ahead and say 'em. All I got is...nothing.

Okay. I have one question- how can any person on this planet who is not in total isolation get to that point of insanity without anyone realizing it? This goes beyond gun control because anyone crazy enough to kill babies like that wouldn't let the lack of a gun stop him in his slaughter. I'm not saying that I don't think we ought to ban assault weapons and handguns. I most definitely do.
I'm just saying this situation is so...I have no words...fucked up beyond belief that...I don't know.

I do not know.

And neither do you.

Fucked-up crazy motherfucking fucked-up shit for which there are no words.

Babies. Babies. No words.



  2. What is happening to us, Ms. Moon?

  3. I am so out of it I don't know about who has killed babies. Not sure I want to... but sigh sigh SIGH!

    No words.

    Hope you feel better ms moon.

  4. It is unspeakable to me that me we allow these poor souls to wander the streets of America, untreated. You are so right that the key to this is treating the mentally ill. We are paying for them anyway when they languish in our jails and we have paid dearly today with the lives of our children...
    Coach B

  5. Coach B, I don't think it's that simple - it's possibly more to do with what we put them on before turning them out onto the streets - SSRIs have been linked to some say all of the school shootings so far - we know they can cause suicidal and homicidal tendencies in young people as a side effect, and I feel not enough is being done about that when they're still being handed out without special care or follow up, as some sort of catch all solution. Millions of links... v alarming.

  6. NOLA- Saw it. Yeah.

    Rachel- Honey. I do not know. I think that thus it has always been and thus, it will always be. Humans. Well. We fuck it up.

    Jill- That is a completely appropriate reaction.

    Nichol- Yes. It is. Who could make this shit up? No one would dare.

    Ms. Fleur- You probably know by now.

    Coach B- You are on to something.

    Jo- Still. And yet. Someone should have noticed something.

  7. And why did his kindergarten teaching mother have semi-automatics? I don't see that any good can come of mentally ill sociopathic individuals with guns.

  8. What have we become? I have been asking myself that a lot today. A sad, sad day. You are right. No words make sense about what happened today. Hugs to you and your babies. Take care, Ms. Moon.

  9. I cried. I hugged my babies. We all hugged each other. Cried some more. And try, try, try not to be so angry, afraid, disgusted, sickened, scared.

    It is indeed fucked up beyond belief.

    I can't stop thinking about all of it, those little faces, those broken families, the million little what ifs. It's making me a bitter broken woman tonight.

    I will need to hug my kids a bunch more and hope they can help heal me, that we can help heal each other and I guess hope for luck as we try to live in this fucked up world.

  10. I think we can know. But I also think it would take a lot of patience and a lot of listening to the young people who commit this beyond heinous type of crime.
    I've been thinking about this all afternoon and am reminded of the Manson girls. There is something about being a certain age and being so lost and being so alone and misunderstood that drives these people to do the unspeakable. I realize it sounds like I'm looking for an excuse for the killer and that is why I say we would need patience. It seems to me that it has become imperative to understand what drives such a person so that we can assure it does not continue to happen. We need to understand the unspeakable. Somehow.
    And perhaps we need to understand the society that creates these sort of people.

  11. SJ- I love you too, baby.

    Syd- Yet another part of the unknowable. Me either, baby. Me either.

    Mr. Shife- And you take care too. Please.

    Mel- As I said to Elizabeth earlier tonight- whatever mattered before this matters even more now. Hug your babies. Don't stop.

    Rubye Jack- I think you said exactly what I was thinking. And that is a far more impossible and difficult task than whatever else is going to be said about this. You are wise and I am grateful to know you.

  12. I've had a similar reaction. Just utterly speechless. What can possibly be said?

    I suspect in some ways this gunman WAS in total isolation. Why that was the case, I'm not sure.

  13. I wanted to comment, but I just cannot think of any words, there simply are no words for such an unspeakable tragedy. Poor little babies, and their very brave teachers, God bless them.

  14. Oh, Mary - the guy who did this was failed miserably. No one managed to help. There are many, many reasons that came together here, I'm sure.

  15. Steve- You nailed an important piece into the whole of it, I'm sure. He probably was in a sort of isolation. I doubt we'll ever truly know what happened there to cause such incredible insanity.

    Anonymous- Thank you. I'm glad you added your voice.

    JJo- Yes. Many, many reasons.


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