Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Which We All Got Dressed Up and Partied Like Rock Stars

We had a lot of fun tonight. Owen seemed to think though, that it was going to require some serious drinking to get through the evening. I have no idea how many glasses of alcohol-removed (really- they can do that) champagne he drank. I have to say the boy can hold his NA wine like a champ. Really.

Before the dinner I tried to take a few pictures for Lily and Jason which they can use as their holiday picture. Here's one that's probably not going to make the cut. Too bad.

All right. Here are two pictures of Owen miraculously sitting on Santa's lap voluntarily and even happily. 
The first one:

The second one:

That lady totally photo-bombed that shot! We have no idea who she is. 

There was a prayer before dinner and I almost went into that hysterical, completely inappropriate laughter thing that happens sometimes, always at the worst of times, usually in church. The man giving the blessing suddenly and unexpectedly jumped into the song, Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me. My immediate reaction was that horrible, giddy, dreadful feeling of oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-start-laughing-and-I'm-not-going-to-be-able-to-stop-until-blood-bubbles-come-out-of-my-nose. Just as I thought I was going to explode, he quit singing and amen-ed. Phew. That was so close.

There was some singing, some piano playing and the meal. Santa came around and posed for pictures with everyone. He's an awesome Santa. I know him in real life. And then, as soon as everyone had finished their cake and coffee, the activities director announced that the program was finished and thanked everyone for coming. 

"Time for Jeopardy," Hank pointed out. 
And the dining room cleared and we all went home. 

But here. Here's the reason we went and I think she really, really enjoyed herself. 

That lady on the left. 
And especially when this happened.

Yes. It was a good evening. 

Okay. One more picture. Because he's just so darn cute.

I just hope Owen doesn't have a hangover tomorrow. 

I'll keep you informed. 


  1. Oh my, I laughed SO hard at this post. The Christmas Card photo was a deja vu for me, I never got those things to turn out. Glad you made it through without an inappropriate burst of laughter. Sometimes those urges creep into your brain like worms.

    Yes, those boys are so cute and your Mom looked so happy. Thanks for the smiles tonight, and so glad it went so well.

  2. How very nice. A good evening, and your mom had a blast it seems. And those boys. Beautiful.

  3. That last photo just about killed me. I'm feeling a teensy tinesy bit disloyal to adorable Owen by cooing so much over his brother Gibson. Please don't tell him.

  4. O Gibson. Will you be my boyfriend? Can you ask him for me?

    XXXXXX Beth

  5. I am so glad you day and evening went well. I am sure you were relieved that your mom enjoyed her visits with you today and the whole family tonight. It is wonderful how supportive all of them are with your mother. And both Owen and Gibson are so squeezable! They are really the icing on any cake. I think the picture of them with their sweet Dad would bring a lot of joy to families who know what it's like to get the kids to stand still and smile sweetly at the camera. I say use it! S, Jo

  6. Hilarious!! I love the photo-bombing woman. What a hoot! And I totally understand your urge to explode into fits of inappropriate laughter. One time, years ago, I was at a Unitarian church sharing a hymnal with a woman I didn't even know, and the lyrics of the hymn we were singing said something about the "giant, pulsing, throbbing universe," or something like that. I could not stop laughing. I was so embarrassed.

  7. fooks like a great know santa in real life??!!x

  8. That is such a cute picture. He's such a bundle of happy chub :)

    Owen looks so seventies in these!

    Glad you all had fun :)

  9. Gibson IS so darn cute! Also, I love the photo of Jason and the kids. Jason looks blissed-out. So adorable.

    It's interesting to finally see a photo of the Moms. She's an attractive old broad.

  10. Mel- That whole inappropriate laughing thing can just be torture. I will never forget a few instances of having it that were really, really horrible.

    Jill- I think Mom did enjoy it. She had more family there than anyone. BY FAR!

    Elizabeth- I know. I keep finding myself saying things to Gibson like, "You're the most beautiful boy in the world," and I have to stop myself. Although, sometimes, when Owen's not around, I whisper things like that to him. But then I turn around and tell Owen the same. And strangely, both are true.

    Beth- He would be. I swear. He would be. Especially if you gave him a green bean.

    Sweet Jo- It's a great picture, isn't it? Those boys are just such joy to us.

    Steve- Okay. YOU JUST MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD! I would have died. You and I would have gotten kicked out of church. What insanity!

    Young At Heart- He used to be a teacher at the preschool where May and Hank went a million years ago.

    Jo- Yes! I kept thinking that Owen looked like someone from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
    Very awesome look.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- She's a good looking old broad. You're right! And Jason is just the best daddy on this earth.

  11. I love it all. I feel like we went too. xo xo

  12. That first picture really looks like Owen should be sitting with Dorothy Parker!

    I'm going with the theory that the photo bomber is Mrs. Claus. :)

  13. LOL on this post. And the mystery lady is clearly a photo hog!


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