Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I had some wild dreams last night and I think Seth Rogen was involved. Yes. Seth Rogen.
What is WRONG with me?
Anyway, la-di-dah and there was also a Bruce Springsteen concert. But that was boring. So you know it was a dream.

It's quiet here in Lloyd this morning except for the lowing of some cows in a far-away pasture and the birds. Those cows do not sound exceptionally happy. I have had my uber-healthy breakfast of yogurt and almonds and blueberries and I have wished for bacon and eggs, so same as it ever was. I've taken the trash and here, I snapped you a shot of the seasonally decorated office.

I guess it's an office. It's where the attendent hangs out and watches TV. I am assuming someone dumped that TV. You could pretty much set up housekeeping in a cabin you built yourself from the pickings at that place.

Anyway, you'll be shocked to hear that I'm not feeling as hateful towards Christmas as usual. You have to realize that I haven't actually done anything like go Christmas shopping or put up any decorations but I've thought about it. I have actually thought about it. I swear. I've even thought about Christmas cards but I have made no move in that direction. Perhaps next week, when the show at the Opera House is history. We've got two more rehearsals and then performances Friday and Saturday nights. We've yet to have a rehearsal where the entire cast showed up. Hell, we've yet to have a rehearsal where 75% of the cast showed up. There seems to be some dire illness which keeps striking one member after another. Anyway, I'm not worried. These things always work out. We Foley people almost have our shit together. "Almost" being the key word.
I've enjoyed working with the fifteen year old guy who is apprenticing with Kathleen and me. He's very quiet, very responsible, and sort of funny. His dad's a preacher and on Sunday I asked him if he'd ever heard Dusty Springfield's song, Son Of A Preacher Man. He had not and I advised him to youtube it and I hope he does and if you haven't heard it lately, here it is.

What in hell is it with those English people who sound like they're from the coal mines of the Appalachians? Joe Cocker? Amy Winehouse?
I don't know.
But I do know that Dusty Springfield was one hell of a singer and Son Of A Preacher Man is one hell of a song.

All right. I've wasted half my day and those floors are not going to mop themselves and I need to take a walk and listen to some more of Steve Jobs' biography. I hate the narration on this one (I can just hear the narrator telling himself to read with expression!) but I'm enjoying it anyway. Yeah, Jobs was sort of crazy and a certified asshole at times. So what? He did change the world with his mind and you have to be crazy to think you can do that and then actually accomplish it.
I have a hard time actually changing a light bulb so I'm in awe.

Y'all have a good day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Glad you're warming up to the idea of Christmas! 'Tis the season and all that jazz.

    Love Son of a Preacher Man. Great song. I'm curious about the Seth Rogan dream! LOL!

  2. Thanks for the picture of the decorated trash office, I had it all wrong in my head. Thanks also for getting me to listen to Dusty this morning. Dang, that is such a good song.

    I'm thinking about Christmas cards and gifts too, but not actually doing anything about it. Inertia.

    Maybe you dreamed about Seth because you saw the preview for his road trip movie with Barbra Streisand? I'm having the strangest dreams of my life lately, and I've given up trying to remember them, I just laugh and drag my achy bones out of bed.

    Have a good day.

  3. When I was at work last week the person I was caring for was watching "It's a Wonderful Life". That movie gets me every time. It puts me in a Christmasy mood. Last night I even pulled out the Advent calendar I bought when my kids were babies and my ceramic Christmas trees.

    PS- I cry at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life". Every single time.

  4. You know what? I'm not a fan of Seth Rogen, but I did just stumble upon a movie that I watched on Netflix called "The Last Waltz" with him and Michelle Williams (whom I love)and my opinion of him has changed. The movie's great -- not sure why it went straight to video, but I loved it!

    And Dusty is awesome -- thanks for posting that! I find it hilarious that you're working with a fifteen year old. He's in for a treat.

  5. heartinhand- I didn't say I was warming up to it. I said I wasn't hating it as much. Haha! As to the dream- let's just say that Seth Rogen does not make a good boyfriend.

    Mel- I've been having strange dreams too! Wonder why. I have seen previews of that movie and I do want to see it. What a bizarre casting that is!

    Birdie- Well, I don't cry at the end of It's A Wonderful Life. We're doing that for the radio show and when it's over, I'm like, "Yippie! We're done!"

    Elizabeth- I do actually like Seth Logen but I'd never heard of that movie. I'll try to catch it. Dusty was awesome. Did you know she was a lesbian? As to working with this kid, well, he's just darling. He claims he is not religious and I think he loves the Opera House due to all of us old hippie liberals who routinely spout stuff that his father would say was going to send us all right to hell. I told him my theory of the religion gene. "I don't think I have it," he said. I told him that he was young, it might kick in and he might even get the call and decide to be a preacher. He just shook his head and said, "I doubt it." I also told him that I hoped we weren't corrupting him to which he replied, "I've already been corrupted." I sure wish I knew exactly what had happened. Like I said, he's darling.

  6. We are now pretty much as decorated as we can get here. I'm glad about that. Whew--on to the boat tomorrow.

  7. <>

    The other way around. The people who populated Appalachia came from Britain and their descendants still have the accent handed down. Linguists listen to old timers in Appalachia to hear what English sounded like many years ago.

  8. You day sounds dreamy to me. I was in a classroom full of unruly 5-7 year olds. It is miserable. Griffin is not happy with it either. This is obvious to me. sigh.

    Hope you get that light bulb changed.

  9. unruly 11-13 year olds here- even had to break up a verbal altercation in the math club.....


  10. I love me some Dusty, always have.

    And I gotta chuckle. Those holiday lights mimic icicles, which I don't believe you have in FLA.

    XXX Beth

  11. That's one of my most favorite songs ever. LOVE it.

  12. Well, I spent 20 minutes yesterday trying to decide upon a silver glittery wreath or a green plastic one until I snapped to and asked myself what the heck was I doing anyway. It's hard not to get caught up in it at times, but I still hate it all.

  13. PS THANK YOU for posting that photo of Santa at the dump! It made my entire day.


  14. Elizabeth- ROGEN, not Logen. Sorry. Jesus.

    Syd- I'm going to start decorating...uh, soon!

    Shoshana- I have heard that.

    Ms. Fleur- I've done that classroom thing. Did it for years. Sometimes it was great. Other times, not so much. I'm sorry you're not happy with Harley's school. I'm happy to have posted that picture for you.

    Mrs. A- HOW DO YOU DO IT???

    Beth Coyote- She was something very, very special. She died way too young. And yes, the icicle lights are very popular here.

    Nicol- It's awesome.

    Rubye Jack- I know if I go out to the stores that's what's gonna happen. And that's why I'm avoiding it.

  15. I've had less Christmas anxiety so far. I put up a little tree and decorations. Mostly for my mom's enjoyment, I think.
    I will not, however, shop. Under any circumstances.

  16. Dusty Springfield! My neighbor! (Well, her former house is my neighbor, anyway.)

    I wonder if that 15-year-old will think you're hitting on him? LOL

    When I read that book, I was surprised at what a jerk Steve Jobs could be. He always seemed so composed and Zen. I had no idea he was so temperamental.

  17. I'm too busy to even notice Christmas. Though I did have to walk past the Christmas trees at the grocery store, all phoney, all perfectly cone shaped. I hate that, that they managed to ruin Christmas trees.


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