Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Believe I May Be Exhausted

Dogs washed, chicken salad and eggplant casserole made, presents wrapped.

Hen house de-poopified. Some laundry done and put away.

Husband home and he has some sort of gastric thing going on so chicken soup made. It'll either kill him or cure him. Or...neither. He looks a little peaked to me.
But he just did this:

He strung lights up out front.
I love that man.
He apologized for being so late with it this year. I told him I didn't care. We could leave 'em up all year for all I care. I'd like that. I do love a colorful display which looks not unlike a juke joint. I am not being sarcastic here. I really do.

And tomorrow the kids will come out and we'll have eggnog (and I really worry that this is a bad idea, being as how eggnog is so delicious and so lethal) and then we'll eat all sorts of holiday foods including ham which I normally do not allow myself to buy or cook because I love it so much that I will eat it and eat it and eat it and then there's the ten-thousand cookie assortment AND the Costco fruitcake.

Just please, god, don't let anyone puke. That is my true and sincere Christmas wish.

Hank and May will be spending the night and then on Christmas morning we'll drive to town and pick up my mother and go to Lily and Jason's house for breakfast and presents with the babies. We're going to have to take the damn trailer to haul all this shit there. I wrapped presents for three hours. And I did not take my time and do a good job, either. I was a Christmas-present-wrapping machine.

And then, and THEN, on Thursday, Jessie and Vergil will be coming. I miss them so much it hurts. I am so glad they're coming.

Christmas. I may have thrown myself into it this year but I will tell you one thing- I have not yet nor will I voluntarily listen (or is it listened?) to a damn Christmas carol.

And I mean it.


  1. You did, you listened to Merry Christmas From the Family.

  2. I love your new header photo and caption is hysterical and the lights are awesome. Enjoy! And rest tonight too. S. Jo

  3. Mr. Downtown- That was NOT a Christmas carol! I am your mama and I say so!

    S. Jo- I love my new header too. And honey, I am planning on some rest. Now if my crazy brain will only cooperate.

  4. We sang carols this morning and i loved it except i cried and tried to hide it during some of them because i didnt want to bring anyone down. but those carols took me back to a me that is so long gone, and it was cry worthy.

  5. Love the lights. I know you all will have the sweetest time.

  6. I'm proud of you, Sister...letting each day unfold as it will and deciding if and how you'll partake of it.

  7. Honey, I loves me some lights, inside and out. Yours look very very festive. I bet the chickens appreciate them too in their own chicken kind of way.

    I haven't sung a single carol but I do sing the sing-along Messiah because, well, it's Handel.

    If I had your address, I'd send you some grape jelly. Really. You got my email. Send it.

    XXXXX Beth

  8. You have really impressed me this year. I'm telling you -- you really have. And in answer to your own comment on my blog today, I do believe that you've known me for more than four years! Yikes!

  9. I do like those old carols that I heard growing up. Not the tacky ones but the ones that we would sing in choir. I believe that few things are more beautiful than the Messiah sung by professionals and accompanied by professionals. We would go to the symphony in town for the Christmas concert for many years and it was just lovely.

  10. I bet you've involuntarily listened to them though, right?! I know I have.

    I agree about the puking. I'm all for avoiding that. One year when I was a kid we all got food poisoning at Christmas and it is a legendary family story.

    Mr. Moon couldn't be too peaked if he could put up all those lights!

  11. Angella- It's okay to cry. I understand. To be honest, I did cry one day, listening to Happy Christmas, War is Over.

    Ms. Fleur- It looks to be a good one.

    Nancy- I have tried, sweet sister. I have tried.

    Beth- I have now e-mailed you!

    Elizabeth- This doesn't seem possible.
    But it makes me happy.

    Syd- I should do that sometime. I really should. It's such a beautiful, moving piece of music.

    Steve- That is my nightmare- to make people sick with something I cook or server. Jeez!
    And yes, I have involuntarily listened to many, many carols.

  12. christmas is a holiday I am content to observe and not participate in. I do buy a few gifts, mostly for the grandkids, but that's about all.


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