Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Declare This To Be A Holiday

I had one of the oddest nights of my life last night.
I have a little cold and so am a bit achy but I went to bed thinking that I would just sleep lovely and since Mr. Moon is out of town, I chose to sleep on the Magically Delicious guest room bed and the sheets were clean and I read for a little while and then drowsiness overtook me and I put my book down and turned off the light and slept like the dead for about three hours and then woke up.

My legs and hips and back were aching.
I had heartburn.
My left hand was somehow both numb and paining me. A lot. More than usual.

I struggled and struggled to get comfortable and finally got up and found my wrist brace and took some Alka Seltzer. I went back to bed.
No good.
I got up again. I took a Pepcid and read for awhile in the kitchen and then moved back to the bed which by this point, had become more a bed of nails than anything remotely Magically Delicious. I read some more. Turned out the light and finally went back to sleep and then, and THEN, I dreamed I was in hospice and dying!
This was a new one for me. It was very much like the dreams I have wherein I'm in labor, or trying to be in labor and nothing's happening.
I was in hospice and there were all these people there, just sitting around and waiting for me to die and I needed them to go away and where in god's name was the hospice nurse with the damn MORPHINE?!

Well, anyway, I didn't really die and my wrist still hurts and my hand is still a little bit numb and I'm still a bit achy but I have to say it's a beautiful day here in Lloyd. At least it is now that I've cleaned up four dog shits and a dog pee.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. No. What I wanted to talk about is that it is Keith Richards' birthday and the old man turns sixty-nine years old today and bless his heart!

That picture is two years old but it's a nice one. 

I wish I'd dreamed about him last night instead of being in hospice but I didn't. I did have another dream with a lot of musicians in it but they were actual musicians that I know in real life and I find that interesting. When I woke up from that one I tried to figure out what all of those different people from my life were doing in one dream and then I realized their common thread- all musicians, every one. 

Music, as I have said repeatedly, has saved my life on more than one occasion. And I will always be in awe and be grateful for those who make it. Some of them play guitar, some of them play fiddles, some of them play piano, some of them sing. Some of them do it all. Whether they have played blues or bluegrass, Beethoven or the Beatles, I am grateful for all of them. 

So. Happy birthday to Keith Richards who continues to do what he does. He does it like no one but himself and he is still alive and I hope he wakes up this morning, completely happy to be so. According to Wikipedia, today is also the twenty-ninth anniversary of his marriage to the beautiful Patti Hansen. 
That alone, in the world of rock and roll, has to be some sort of record. 

What a life.

I hope he keeps on living it.

And I wish for all of us that when our time does finally come, that nurse shows up with the morphine.

Good morning from Lloyd and thank you for allowing me to indulge my obsession with Keith Richards, my Totem Spirit Animal and where I have so much to do that I am paralyzed with it all. It is one week before Christmas, 2012, and here we all are. 
Isn't that amazing?

I think so.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wow. Crazy dream. Shivers!

    I think that photo of Keith tipping his hat is about the nicest photo I've ever seen of him.

    Hope your day is great.

  2. Gracious sakes. No more dying dreams!! Geez.

  3. I had to take a Pepto last night before bed too. I'm always scared it's a heart attack when I have heartburn. Seriously. I knew last night was heartburn though because I'd consumed about five pounds of chocolate and crackers and cheese last night, like a dumbass.

    Happy Birthday Keith!

  4. Have you seen this Keith Richards & Chuck Berry video? Chucks insisting that Keith get the notes right. I think it's funny because I can't hear what the problem is; it all sounds fine to me. But to the pros...


    I hope you feel less achy today, Ms. Moon.

  5. I love his wrinkles! That just shows how honest he is, in the ways that matter.

    I saw previews for a movie that Barbra Streisand is in and am baffled how she (a little older than Keith) has no wrinkles of any kind. Fewer than me, 30 years younger. She has some great work done (no weird Kenny Rogers eyes), but it makes me sad that we cannot be happy with how we are at different stages in our lives.

  6. Ms. Fleur- I'd never seen that particular picture before. It's nice, isn't it?

    SJ- We're all going to die. It's all right.

    heartinhand- Yeah. I ate some crazy stuff last night too. There was no doubt as to where that pain came from.

    Nancy- Thanks for the link! I just watched it. Hilarious. Chuck took Keith to school, didn't he?

    NOLA- Well, we do have to remember that Keith has lived a life which could definitely have an adverse effect on his complexion. To say the least. Haha! But I find him beautiful.

  7. Well, I immediately began to worry when you said all these things -- the left hand numb, the heartburn, etc. Will you promise to check those things out if they continue?


  8. Heartburn ....I've had my share of that annoying and painful attack. I've taken to using enzymes before I eat certain meals just to ward off the potential stabbing. It's worked and I also try not to eat the foods that trigger it.

    Dying dreams...nope haven't had that one Mary...but like you ..bring on the morphine

  9. every time I saw the "bit achy" I saw BITCHY in my head, which I'm sure you are not, but I know when I'm a bit achy I'm also a bit bitchy.

    I hope you feel better soon - thoughts of Keith should clear that cold right up.

  10. Honey, I have cancer and heart disease and osteoporosis and other ailments, mostly imaginary. But shoot, in my world, people my age DIE. And younger. But Keith gives me strength. He mightily abused himself and look-beautiful wife and kids, a face you could plant potatoes in and he still ROCKS. Yeah, I'll have some of that.

    XXXXX Beth

  11. Maybe sleeping in a different bed somehow freaked out your body? Then again, I often wake up in the middle of the night -- almost always at 3:30 a.m. -- and have trouble getting back to sleep again. It's just part of my sleep cycle, I guess.

    It IS cool that Keith is plugging away, and still in the same marriage after almost 30 years.

    Hope your cold gets better!

  12. Elizabeth- You know the rest of the story. All is well.

    Ellen- It was not a scary dream. It was rather more boring. Isn't that odd?

    Beth Coyote- Girl. You are my twin sister. I have so many (imagined? hopefully?) diseases going on all the time. And you get the Keith thing. I adore you with all my heart.

    Steve- Nah. It wasn't the bed. It was just a little tiny perfect storm of discomforts.
    And the cold is hardly a cold.
    Bah. I can't even plead illness.

  13. Gotta love Keef. He keeps on going and great that he is still married and happily so.

    Maybe the memory foam was too much on that bed. I thought that it was hot when we were mattress shopping about six years ago. It seemed to want to devour me. LOL


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