Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Taste of First Taste


  1. oh, nice and creepy; diggin' it so far. mister better not hurt them dogs now!

    But how'd your dead ass get the hazard lights on?
    Guess I gotta wait.

  2. Mungam- I don't ask questions. I just play dead.

  3. Oh but she's so very dead.
    Bye bye little baby puppies? No, he takes them home and loves them. It's only humans prey he wants.

    She must have hit the hazard light as a cry for help with her last dying breath.

  4. Wow. I agree that Freddie will be famous. The light in his films is so uncanny -- I'm always struck by it.

  5. Oops, if it has death and puppies i'd better not watch it. I don't do well with horror and creepy. I am sure that Freddy will be famous soon enough...

  6. Spooky and really good. You look dead--very realistic.

  7. OMG Can you get someone to go adopt that black dog at the shelter? Not you of course, you've got enough dogs! His eyes and hopefulness about killed me.
    Your pups were great. How incredibly FUN!

    This is fantastic. So that's you in the car! Wow!!!!
    You're so cool Ms Moon, I can't hardly stand it.

  8. Rubye Jack- Mmmmm. Maybe.

    Elizabeth- It's the Light of Lloyd! And Freddy.

    Photocat- Nothing is graphic. All implied. I promise.

    Syd- I think it's going to be really good.

    Bethany- And it's my old car, too. Haha! We use what we got in FC Rabbath Productions. And do not talk to me about adopting dogs. (I know you know.)

  9. You pulled off the corpse like nobody's business! It felt odd to see your dogs like that, movies are weird. They suck me in and I forget that people are just actors and dogs too.

  10. Haunting stuff. Doesn't Freddy want to come and film here in Africa? Different light but just as magical. I'm sure he could bring the Dead Body along too.

  11. Lora- I think my dogs did a great job. They were so cool about it.

    Mary LA- I'm sure Freddy would LOVE to come to Africa to film. Hard though, on a no-budget budget. Maybe some day...


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