Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Okay. It was either that picture of a late-blooming rose or a picture of the Shop Vac.

The rose won.

When I woke up this morning and walked out onto the porch, the temperature was actually lower outside than it was in the house. Like, oh maybe 69 degrees or something.
"I'm cold!" I announced to Mr. Moon and then I stuck my finger out to him and said, "Will you help me?"
I had a splinter.
He did. He is a good splinter-remover. It bothered me all night long, that tiny sliver of whatever which had embedded itself into the inside-part of the second knuckle of my second finger on my right hand. I even dreamed of tweezers. Funny how such a small thing, unseen to the human eye, can cause so much annoyance. The paper cut theory, as it were.

It's the little things, isn't it? Always and forever.

So I have a new car! Maybe. Mr. Moon, being a car dealer, is always on the lookout for ways to shuffle the family around in cars that come in on trade. I was driving a 1999 Honda. Gold? Champagne? Whatever. Hard to find in a parking lot due to its ubiquitny. I made that word up. Anyway, the new car he is perhaps putting me in is...an identical Honda! I think it may be younger. And it has a spoiler on the butt, unlike my old one.
Hoo boy.
When the power went out yesterday evening I went out and moved all my stuff from the old Honda to the new Honda. It was like, "Why am I even doing this?" Every thing went from one place to its identical place. It was odd. While I was doing it, I was on hold on the cell phone with the power company. They kept coming on and telling me to check their web site. Hell, if could check their web site, I wouldn't need to be calling them on a holiday evening.

Man. This is BORING!

Okay. So I made chili with my miner's headlight on. That was fun. Then the power came back on. I made banana blueberry bread. And a salad. Let me just say that cucumbers and mandarin oranges do not necessarily marry well, even with a soy/ginger/sesame dressing. Even with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds.
Oh well.

So then we watched Pawn Stars. I feel so sorry for Chumlee. But he's sort of the star of the show in a way. I wonder if he ever gets laid. I hope so. He did get to talk to Bob Dylan. His hair looks clean.

Well, that's all I have to say today. For now. I would tell you what my plans for the day are but they're even more boring than what I just wrote. Plus, a NORMAL person could do them in five minutes. It'll take me all day. I am a devout under-achiever.
They involve phone calls.

I hope everyone had a satisfactory Labor Day weekend. Whatever that would include. I hope you had it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, you know about some of my weekend. 90 % was good. I will take that. I keep thinking about the psychological damage harsh words do. Got to get past that and get back to good thinking.

  2. Ms. Moon,
    I have a splinter on the first knuckle of my pinkie finger and right next to the splinter is a mosquito bite. It took me a while to notice the splinter because it's a dust speck and the mosquito bite was in the way. I haven't been able to get it out yet. I feel your splinter pain.

    In other news, you were damn right about the spider being a lady. She was HUGE in the end and we set her free a couple weeks ago.

  3. Not so boring. And no matter what you're doing, you're already up and doing it by the time I rise in my California slacker time zone. Your posts
    gets me moving.

  4. Boring shmoring.

    You couldn't be boring if you tried. I am a subscriber of it's not always what you say, but how you say it. And you say it good and funny and thoughtful!

    So there. :-)

    Happy chilly Tuesday!

  5. My weekend was fine I guess, but I feel oddly dissatisfied. Maybe I'm just hungover still from Sunday.

    I need water.

  6. Wish I had a bread and a salad.
    Wish I had a younger Honda.
    Not that interested in Chumlee or Dylan,
    but I used to have a crush on Hanoi Fonda.

  7. Syd- Amen.

    Rachel- The big ones are ALWAYS female in the bug world. Well, probably not always but generally. I hope your splinter is out by now.

    Denise- Well, that time zone thing does help a lot, you know.

    Ms. Fleur- Isn't this weather GLORIOUS?

    Stephanie- It happens.

    Mungam- You know I live for your comments. Seriously.

  8. Boring day...yes...me to. Ironing (yes I do iron in fact I love to iron), pay bills...fun fun.

    Certainly glad the heat has left you for awhile. We are to be in the 90's today. I don't do well with heat.

  9. You are never boring my dear! Congrats on the new car. I just got back from a lunch time walk around the FSU campus and the weather could not be more glorious. I just wish I could find a way to get all of the texting, talking on the phone, iPod using, hungover students to just watch where they are going.

  10. Got up early and did a dry-run to the school to be ready for the REAL first day that is tomorrow.
    So today feels like a pretend day.
    High five on the new wheels.

  11. I can't even tell you how boring my day is -- astoundingly so. It was a relief to read your post, actually.

  12. Ellen- Low nineties is pleasant for us after the summer we've had. I am not kidding you. And do not tell my husband, but I don't mind ironing either if something good is on the TV.

    Lois- Ha! Good luck with that one!

    Lisa- I drove the car today. It was eerily familiar! Enjoy your pretend day.

    Elizabeth- Sometimes boring is good. Sometimes, not so. Have you considered napping under the palm tree?

  13. I carried babies. Six of them. Ranging from 25 days to 5 1/2. Heart is full.

  14. I know, it's cold. There's a very narrow range of temperatures where I'm not either sweating or freezing. That range is about 74 to 80. Right now it is 72 in my house and I'm wearing a sweatshirt, have my feet under a blanket and am using the laptop plus a small cat as heating pads!

  15. My life was more boring than your life today. I sat is a dark hospital room and did nothing. Then I did a puzzle. Now I am reading blogs before I go back to a darkened hospital room.

  16. Let me just say that cucumbers and mandarin oranges do not necessarily marry well, even with a soy/ginger/sesame dressing.

    They do if you put them in a baby bok choy salad and maybe add raw cashews.

  17. You have a new alternate universe Honda!!!! Yippee!

  18. Made me laugh.

    Some friends and I put up a new shade canopy in my "front yard" during a windstorm for Labor Day. Beer may have been involved. But the canopy was a success - drive by and you'll see it.

  19. Chili sounds really good. It is cold here in Buttfuck, Ohio, this morning.

    My comment was WAY MORE BORING than your post, I assure you. Besides, you NEVER EVER bore me, no matter what.

    Love you!


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