Monday, September 26, 2011

A Boy Is Two. Our Boy. Our Joy.

I am exhausted. I am beyond tired. I say that and then I think about this day:

Two years ago today.

After a day and a night and another day and another night, our boy was born.

Owen is two today.

And I remember how tired we all were and how ecstatic and exhilarated and proud beyond measure of Lily and of Jason.

And what I can't remember is what life was like before Owen was born.

I've been going back and looking at pictures and I'm stunned. He's changed so much. From baby to boy and of course, he's changing every day.

He was one day old when those pictures were taken.

And since then, he's become such a part of our life and our love that I can't even imagine what it was like before he came.

Pearl and the chickens are in so many pictures I've taken of the boy.

He asked about her again the other day. Sweet old Pearl. She loved that boy. I truly think she stuck around far longer than she should have, just to help take care of him. She always did love a baby more than anything.

So many pictures. Pictures of Owen with everyone in the family. He has given us all more to love, has opened our hearts wider, made life sweeter.

He has made us laugh.

He has made us proud.

Last year on his birthday, he cried, finding himself the center of attention and did not want to eat his cake or wear his hat.

He probably won't want to wear a hat this year, but he may want his cake.
We shall see.

He has made us all so much more than we were.

He's made parents of his mama and daddy.

He's made fools of his grandparents.

He looks like this now:

He is our love, our joy, our boy.

He is two-years old today and this time next year, he'll have a brother or a sister and my god, I can't even imagine.

Happy birthday, Owen.

Happy Birth Day, Lily and Jason.

Owen is two. No wonder I'm exhausted. We're all exhausted. It's been a wonderful, crazy two years.

And thank goodness for nap time.

Thank goodness for love.


  1. Yo, Y'all. She's A great Grandmaw. Best wishes to Owen and the rest of his family.

  2. Wonderful legacy for Owen in this blog and these photos. I am glad to be a looker on for the journey. Thanks for that.

  3. I've watched him grow up from afar and it's amazing all the change. Just like I can't believe it's been 2 years that I've been coming around this place..

    Happy, happy birthday Owen!

  4. Jewels, jewels, jewels you have left for us today !

    Beautiful Owen, beautiful world!

    Happy Birthday to Owen and all the Moon Family!

  5. Happy Birthday to Owen. Happy Birthday to Owen, and maaaaaaaaany more!

  6. The photos of Owen and Mr. Moon melt my heart.

  7. a grand documentation of life,

    fo shizzle (in the parlance of our times).

  8. Oh, how sweet and beautiful and heart-warming. All of it.

    Happy Birthday, dear Owen. In enriching your family's life, you've enriched ours. Thank you, Mary Moon, for sharing him with us, always.

    Love to you.

  9. Oh, God. Happy Birthday, Sweet little big one. Congratulations to you all for doing such a beautiful job.

  10. I've got to say thank you. This post gave me the smile I needed today. Happy birthday to your little guy!

  11. Happy Birthday, sweet beautiful boy! It has been so much fun watching you grow and hearing of your antics.

    Happy Birthing Day to the proud parents and grandparents.

    Can't wait to see the party photos!

  12. Happy Birthday cute lil' Owen! These photos are priceless.

  13. Happy birthday, dear sweet Owen. I wish you could see how hard I'm smiling at this wonderful, wonderful post.

  14. Happy Birthday Owen!!!!

    I love the picture of Owen and Elvis. It is just too fucking fun!

    We love youz all!

  15. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Two years flew right by. It's been a privilege to share them with your family.
    Thanks for all the smiles, and for sharing the love.

  16. Sooooo sweet. Doesn't love make you feel like you're the luckiest person on earth?

  17. Oh, congratulations on this sweet chapter of your life; thank you, too, for this beautiful post. I can hardly wait till I'm a grandmother, but I think I'll have to wait! The boy will take his own sweet time, as he does with everything, and the daughter has miles to go before this milestone is achieved.

    I guess I'd better be the cat lady a while longer.

  18. Oh dear god, I love this post. My heart swelled for you and your beautiful family.
    I love the Owen with the chickens pictures. The like the one where he is in the little green stroller. He has that look on his face that I have seen before in Owen pictures. :-)

  19. What a gorgeous little boy. Happy birthday to Owen! I'm having a vicarious mother moment. He is so happy around chickens. And grandparents.

  20. and his mer...well damn girl, you just made me cry, wet tears only a mother could.

    i am so ecstatic for your jOY!

  21. These are the sweetest pictures, ever. And I agree with Syd: what a wonderful legacy for Owen is this blog, Ms. Moon.

  22. Mary Moon, I am catching up on your blog, as I have been so insanely busy (I do not use the word "insanely" lightly) that I have not been able to check in. And now I am sitting at my desk at work with tears streaming down my face. I think it's the picture of Owen and Bop that finally did it.

    I love you. Those tears needed to be unlocked - I have been cramming them down my craw for over a week. I don't know why the tears are there, they just are. The accumulation of life stuff, I guess.

    Thank you for being you and sharing everything so bravely and freely.

    I love you. Oh wait, I already said that.

  23. Oh those pictures are sweet. I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried. PEARL! though. I STILL MISS PEARL!

  24. crying. so much love in this. sorry, am catching up.

  25. what a tribute and scrapbook. this made me weep.


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