Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh dear. Last night I clicked on New Blogger Template Interface or something like that and now I have no idea what this composing screen is all about.


It's so upsetting when things suddenly change, even if you have wrought the change yourself.

Ah-lah. We shall persevere.

 Owen is coming soon and so I got up early to have a little bit of time being Mary before I switch into Mer-Mer Mode and it was dark and cool and lovely out. I fed the cat, got the paper and read an opinion piece by a woman named Tina Dupuy which I liked very much. The title of it is The Case For Separation Of Church And Weather and I couldn't have said it better myself.
Go HERE and read it if you want.
What she's pointing out is that although we chuckle softly at the very idea of the superstitious ancients performing strange rituals to appease the weather gods, there are actual and real present-day Presidential candidates who are doing basically the same thing.
Rick Perry issued an official proclamation for all Texans to pray for rain for three days? 
Michele Bachmann has drawn a direct line from the recent earthquake in Virginia to government overspending? 
 Just go read the piece. Ms. Dupuy already said it.

I just keep yearning for the old days when people who claimed to hear god's voice in such dramatic and unbelievable ways were treated for mental illness instead of running for president.

Oh well.

So as you can see, Owen is here and in the past hour and a half we have done so much that I am already exhausted. Right now he's on his trike-bike beside me on the porch playing with the purse I gave him with a pen and a pad of paper in it and he'll be on to the next thing in seconds, I am sure.

One of the things we did was to go upstairs to Jessie's room, which he loves, and being up there with the sweetness of Jessie's things and paintings and Beatles posters and pictures and her old clothes hanging in her closet made me cry. "Owen," I said. "I miss Jessie."
"No!" he said and I quit crying because, well, he doesn't understand and that's not fair to the boy. We played with her old chimp doll who hugs and makes pant-hoots and then we came back downstairs and I am still crying a little, but it's okay. Jessie is off living her good, true life and I am not Miss Havisham, merely presiding over crumbling memories. I am a woman with my own full, true life and this little boy to take care of and play with and feed and take on walks.

Which I think we'll do next. Take a walk. It's not so deadly hot, even now, and I cannot dwell in sadness if I do not have to and today, I most certainly do not.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm glad you gave Owen a purse. I think that's great. Seriously.

    Also, you made Quote of the Goddamn Day today on my blog. I know this honor just made your whole damn life worthwhile. Laugh.

    You know I love you more than my TV and that's a WHOLE DAMN lot, believe me.

  2. I like that quote alot too. I like YOU alot! :)

  3. Excellent piece, thank you for sharing it.

  4. Those 2 presidential candidates scare me because there are so many people in this country who will vote for them just because they say things like that and they know it.

  5. I think we need a separation between Church and Sports too.

  6. Heh, church and sports. Funny. And the weather too, of course.

    I love that tiny piano, it's fabulous.

    As for Jessie's room... well... I don't quite know what to think about it! I suppose Owen can stay there when he's busy having huge fights with his poor Mama :)

  7. I was scared to click that new blogger interface thingie. Thanks for the warning, Sister Moon!

  8. All the Republican candidates are scary. I think Romney is really the only one that will actually run.

    It is okay to cry about Jessie. I am sure she misses you too.

  9. I checked out the new interface but switched back for the time being.

  10. Rick Perry is the governor of my home state but not my state of mind. Not even the Texas in my head. The Texas in my head is a kind place not the vicious mean place in cartoon land ruled by Liberty Valance.

    Perry is a boil on the butt of America and I fear what this means to the poor desperate without a job or kindness left for people in worse shape. We have to be kind no matter what. Obama has made some serious tactical errors but meanness isn't one of them.

    Secession. My butt. Didn't we have enough misery the last time we tried that? Praying for rain? We are praying for some relief from the strife Perry has brought to our state.

    Bless you, your hens, Owen and Mr. Moon. Bless you for your humor and wisdom. And this peaceful spot.

  11. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It's a very manly purse.
    I love you more than my chickens. And that's a lot, too.

    SJ- And I like YOU alot.

    Stephanie- I only share what truly resounds with me.

    Lois- We are like the superstitious ancients more than we will ever admit.

    Elizabeth- I smile back at you.

    Birdie- That will never happen. I think the genes are the same.

    Jo- Yes. That would be a good place for that boy when he needs not to be at home.

    gradydoctor- I tried it. It was okay. I'm back to what I know.

    Syd- Romney is as scary as the rest. But. I can't control it. I know Jessie misses us too. Sometimes it's very strong, that missing. And I do cry.

    DTG- Seems like there are a few bugs to work out but I liked some features.

    Jaye- Florida and Texas both have our scary Ricks. Rick Scott, Rick Perry. And I love what you said about Obama. Say what you will about him, I do not think he forgets the least of us.
    And thank-you for thanking me. I want this spot to be even more peaceful than it is now. That is my dream.

  12. oh those eggs!
    I'm catching up.
    I'm sorry about the Jessie saddness.
    Must be so weird.
    I love love love the piano and Owen ordering you to dance and your thinking of the cowboys. Oh gosh you are funny and clever my dear.


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