Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm So Proud

Zeke has gone off for his first sleep-over.

When Lily came to get Owen he did not want to go home. He said he wanted to play with the dogs at Mer's. So Lily, in either a brilliant or insane burst of inspiration said, "Let's take Zeke home with us. Then you can play with him at our house."


I hope they don't call at midnight to tell me that Zeke won't quit crying for his mother. I hope he behaves and remembers his manners and doesn't pee and poop all over the damn place.

I hope they like having him so much they decide to keep him. That's what I really hope. I'm not betting on that happening though. I'm really not.


  1. Owen looks so patient in this photo.

  2. Ha, funny :)

    Good luck with the poop, Lily.

  3. That photo is outrageously cute. I always fantasize about someone wanting to keep Valentine, our dog.

  4. Rubye Jack- He is being patient, waiting for Zeke to pee.

    Jo- No kidding.

    Ellen Abbott- Yep.

    Elizabeth- We all need a good fantasy.

  5. Wellll, two-year-olds can be pretty persuasive. But Lily might think you put Owen up to it.

  6. Zeke and Owen will have a good time. Nothing like a boy and a dog.

  7. Denise- No, it was HER suggestion. She just really wanted to get home to rest and did not want a fight with that boy.

    Syd- They did have a good time. I wish that Zeke lived with Owen.


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