Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hoe That Row, Read That Book

Owen will be here soon and the light is cracking through the trees and I slept hard like it was my job and I was going up for a promotion.

I have nothing new to say except that I finished a book last night and I'd like to recommend it.

Blind Sight by Meg Howrey.

I'd never heard of Meg Howrey. She is a first-time author and her small bio on the back stated that she'd been a dancer and an actor and I wasn't expecting much but this is a very smart, very many-layered novel.

I don't do book reports so don't expect one here but I'll tell you this- the main character is a seventeen year old boy who was raised in a house of women. There is science, spirituality, religion, sexual coming-of-age, sexual identity, fame, fortune, celebrity, a very different take on a father-son relationship as well as one on a mother-son relationship. And college essays.

It's a good one.

If I were Meg Howrey, I'd be proud.

Well, that's the early morning report from Lloyd. I think I'll get out the blender and whip up a smoothie for me and my boy. One never knows what sort of adventures we'll get up to today and we'll need a good breakfast. I sort of wish that a "good breakfast" still meant bacon and eggs and toast and grits but that's a vacation breakfast. Or the breakfast of someone whose day includes plowing the lower forty.

I got no lower forty.

I got no plow.

But I got a grandson. And he likes smoothies.

It all works out.

Hope it does for you, too.

Let's meet back later and discuss.


  1. Good morning Ms. Moon.
    One of my favorite things about my blog world is I no longer have to figure out or look for a book to read because of people like you who offer up good reads. I shall check out "Blind Sight".
    A shake sounds scrumptious and maybe I'll do the same. After I finish my coffee that is.

  2. I will put that on my list. I am reading An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy (not to be confused with Arundhati Roy) right now. I don't know if I would recommend it. And I linked to a post about books on my blog this morning.

    And thanks for the offer of Mr. M and his gun. I think he would miss you too much, and he would starve. No pancakes and sausage here. He's got it goood.

  3. Good morning. Thanks for the tip on the book. It sounds wonderful. But first I have to get through the 40 or so books I have on my "to-read" pile. They are stacked on various surfaces in my upstairs.

    Have a swell time with Owen.

  4. agreed, my to-read pile is borderline hoarder inducing so I'm shying off for now. This sounds interesting though.

    Hobbit breakfast is nothing to be ashamed of; bacon, eggs, toast, and grits are our weekend fair for damn sure!

  5. Morning to you too Mary! Weekend breakfast on Sunday we have our bacon or sausage with pancakes or waffles or eggs...I love the weekend...

  6. You've inspired me to get out the blender and make a smoothie. I have to say that I HATE getting out the blender. I don't know why, but I do. The rigamarole -- the agony.

    I wish that it was built in or something, but I've no room on the counter and I just hate pulling it out.

  7. "slept hard like it was my job and I was going up for a promotion."

    HA!! i love this!!

  8. Towanda- Well, one never knows if someone else will like what you do but I sure liked that one.

    Denise- Well, you know- it was one of those offers that I knew you wouldn't take me up on. But if you lived nearby- he surely would come take care of those squirrels.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I love you too.

    Bilbo- It was an amazingly well-done novel. I would be proud to be to be the protagonist's mother.

    Ellen- On Sundays we "sin." If you can consider the pancakes I make sin, which honestly? I don't.

    Elizabeth- I know what you mean. I keep the things I use out on the counter and the blender is definitely one of them because I make up that smoothie the night before and put in the refrigerator for Mr. Moon to add juice and a frozen banana to before he goes to work out. It's our ritual. But I hate to clean it. I do.

    dottie- But it's completely true. Oh, if I could only get paid for sleeping...

  9. Oooo, vacation breakfast. It's oatmeal around here. yum.

  10. Thanks for the recommendation. I think it is so good for boys to grow up around matriarchies.

  11. I learned respect from growing up around older women--my mother, grandmother, the lady who traveled the world and taught me to play bridge and canasta. I learned manners. I am grateful for that.


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