Monday, September 5, 2011

Go Down, Moses

What a strange day. It is so humid that it feels as if we are trying to live in a mushroom. We have put the AC back on. It's ridiculous.
And the flies!
Mr. Moon got out the shop vac and started sucking them up. It's completely overwhelming, the number of them. They stumble around like sleepy zombie flies. You can sweep them up! I think they are coming from under the house, probably from that dead thing that has putrefied.
So. This is us. Living in a mushroom, a nasty, hot, wet, fly-ridden mushroom. I am expecting a plague of frogs next. I am serious.
Owen doesn't seem to care one bit.
But Mr. Moon and I may go insane.


  1. Pack Owen up and come have a beer with me this afternoon. I am having people over for Labor Day. No flies, lots of cat hair.

  2. Sounds inviting...I could use some cat hair for a change. All I have is the flies and the dog hair.
    Right now I am trying to head Owen towards a nap. He's walking around in red high heels wearing nothing else but a diaper. It's a good look. I'll get back with you. I love you!

  3. Vacation? Another get away? Hope this doesn't last at home much sounds awful Mary!

  4. I can smell it -- the mushroom, that is.

    Maybe you can throw some butter in a pan and fry up some mushrooms with salt.

    Or pick some poison mushrooms and feel them to the flies.

  5. I like this time of year when all those nasty bugs get old and tired. We have a hand held bug zapper and it brings me joy to zap wasps and flies. I always give them a verbal warning first because I don't like to kill anything but they are all arrogant and keep bugging so zzzzzzzzzzzap! Good times.

  6. It was so damn humid here yesterday I was dripping with sweat just standing still. So I jumped in to the pool with my clothes on.


    no flies here. just mosquitoes


  7. Such a pretty picture you paint. It sounds awful really, but I do relate. Somehow our weather is rather fair today, except for the wind that is. ah well, we have no flies at the moment.

  8. I've had the fly problem before. It was years ago. Fly paper helped. But I remember them being all lethargic for some reason too. Why is that? To this day, I have no idea where they came from, but was so glad when they were finally gone. Good luck.

  9. I'd like to live in a mushroom...I'd sautee the place in garlic butter and eat my way out.

  10. We just got over the flies here. They come every August. I am glad that now we just have the skeeters.

  11. Rats were a problem in my old very nice neighborhood. Fruit trees. You leave those oranges there and the rats will eat the "meat" and leave the rind hanging. Sometimes they'd eat through the foam that sealed off the place where the air conditioner hoses came into the house and slip inside our walls. We had traps in the attic just in case. FLIES. Yeah, I remember that insanity.

  12. Ellen- Well, it's not awful like a house fire or a backed-up septic tank. It's just awful like FLIES EVERYWHERE!

    Elizabeth- I believe the flies came from the mushroom. That's how it feels.

    Birdie- The vacuum method is also strangely satisfying.

    Michelle- I hate that standing-in-one-place-and-sweating thing. It's been that way all summer too. Alas- no pool!

    Towanda- Welcome! if I have not said that already, dear. I am looking forward to when I have no flies either.

    Nicol- I believe they have just hatched. They don't even go for the food. Just...hanging out, stunned and slow. Weird.

    silverfinofhope- NOT THIS MUSHROOM!

    Syd- At least mosquitoes have a purpose.

    Denise- It's all TOO MUCH NATURE!

  13. If there is a plague of frogs, will Mr. Moon try and shoot them all?

  14. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, of course he will!


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