Monday, September 19, 2011

Everybody Must Get Stoned

It's just too beautiful this morning and my dreams (oh shit- these dreams) were so wearying and I found myself unable to sleep for hours at a time (or was it moments?) the negative thoughts just racing through my head telling me you're bad, you're bad, you're so bad. You're no good, etc. I kept thinking about this scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Larry gets some pot for his father for medicinal reasons and then in true Larry fashion, somehow picks up a hooker on the way and then they all get stoned and well...this is why I don't get stoned. The four a.m. thoughts are bad enough, please- don't ask me to throw weed in the mix.
But enough about me. Spend two minutes watching this and let's all get over it and realize that we're human, we're human, we're funny little critters.


  1. Good morning. Sorry your sleep was so restless. Mine was too.

    I love you!

  2. Love the Curb Yr Enthusiasm dialogue in the mirror. I do that too, unstoned. The dreams will pass eventually.

  3. I had weird dreams last night. I believe that my father and unresolved things are behind these dreams. He has appeared in most of them lately.

  4. of course you're not bad. why are you beating yourself up?

  5. It's time to get some good dreams Ms Moon. I wish you dreams about your grand son and making art with him. I wish you dreams about Elvis caring for his chickens in his own special rooster way. I wish you blooming gardens and a pleasant fall season. And dreams about just that.

  6. In the mirror conversations can be quite productive.
    Wishing you sweet dreams tonight, Mrs. Moon.

  7. I dreamed about bad fairies (gremlins? trolls?) in my crops on my farm... huh.

    Yeah, I tend to get mean like Mirror Larry there, I just don't do that shit.

  8. Mary, dear.....don't forget my remedy for that "I'm no good" dream.

    Don't fight the accusation....embrace it.

    Throw up your hands and say,"You are absolutely right....I am worthless, rotten to the core........ but I AM good to chickens and children."

    Worked for me.

  9. Oh, my god. Larry and me -- exactly the reason why I, too, don't smoke it. I think I'm going to post this on Facebook.

  10. That hooker was hot, one attractive lady. I'd get stoned with her, for sure. L7

  11. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- And yet still, we go on. It's so weird and hard, isn't it, love?

    Mary LA- God, I hope so.

    Syd- I wonder what it all means? Can you resolve issues once someone is gone? Is it possible?

    Ellen Abbott- Ah, honey. At three a.m., we're all bad.

    Photocat- Interestingly enough, most of my dreams do include elements of all of that. The chickens, the yard, the garden. And still- damn.

    Denise- Thank-you, dear. And for you, too.

    Stephanie- I love that so many of us can relate to it. Now keep those strange little critters out of your crops!

    Lo- Okay! I will! I promise! YES! I am bad, but I am so very nice to chickens and children. And I am a GOOD COOK!
    I'll report in on my success.

    Elizabeth- It's like he can read our minds, right? I love that you love LD.

    L7- I have no doubt in this world. And I would LOVE to be there to watch such doin's.

  12. I don' usually laugh before 9:00 a.m. but that made me laugh! :)


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