Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Like Sunday, Only It's Not

A perfect day and I slept until nine. I stayed up so late reading The Lonely Polygamist and I am not done with it yet and I am enjoying it so. Brady Udall is a writer of fantastical events and story and yet his words and sentences are grounded in childhood and I can recognize myself in almost every character. I think this is a unique talent for a writer and I am savoring the adventure of it all.

The new branch library which they've been building on "my" side of Tallahassee is going to open on November 4th. I have this marked on my calender. In Sharpie. It looks to be a grand and beautiful library and I am so excited about it opening. There is a branch library now but it is in a small strip mall and it's about as big as a two-car garage and I almost never go there. This new one is between Publix and Lily's house which means that my travels across Tallahassee will be cut down considerably. I suppose this means my world is getting even smaller but honestly- how can anything involving a library make a life smaller? I do not think it can.
I am not a huge buyer of books. I used to be but as I have gotten older, I do not really care to acquire much more of anything. Oh, sure, there are books which I love so much that I need to have my own copies of but generally, I go to the library for my books. I will always believe that the library is the highest example of civilization. And yes, if there is a heaven, for me it is a library.

I could go to the library today for books on tape but today is the first day in forever and ever I have absolutely nothing I have to do. No doctor's appointments to take anyone to, no grandson to take care of, no one coming to film, no party to prepare for. I think I will stay right here.

And this is good. My little cold is still lingering but it is not bad. I want to take it out for a walk, this tiny virus, and see if I can disperse it into the woods. It will be a slow walk, a small and noticing walk. I will look for Beauty Berry. I will watch the butterflies. Perhaps I will see a hawk. One never knows.

I took some little movies of Owen walking Buster yesterday but I am not going to put them up. I was sneezing throughout them and they sound disgusting. You could probably get my cold from just listening to them. But it was such an adventure for him. He always pretends to put the dogs on a leash with my yoga strap so yesterday I asked him if he wanted to really put Buster's leash on and take him for a walk and he said that yes, he did.
Buster was so patient and all of the dogs enjoyed the strolls around the yard. Dolly and Zeke got so excited to be part of the party that they played like puppies and then Zeke got REALLY excited and began to hump Dolly, which he does sometimes. She doesn't have the slightest clue about what's going on and completely ignores him. Perhaps she is just a lady and ignores him out of decorum. I don't know but it's funny when it happens. And Owen felt like he was truly in control of the the dogs and I guess, in some way, he was.

It was fun.

Mr. Moon and I are actually contemplating going to Mexico for Christmas. Those of you who have been here for awhile know how much I loathe and detest Christmas. My kids know this and they came up with the idea. "Mom, why don't you and Daddy go to Cozumel for Christmas?"
I think they would actually enjoy the whole damn holiday far more if I were gone for it. I am not ashamed of this. It's simply the truth.
I was telling Mr. Moon what the children had said and he said, "Could you be away from your grandson on Christmas?" and I said, "Oh hell yes."
I love Owen just as much on December the 22nd as I could ever love him on December the 25th.
And so, we are thinking about that. Frankly, the idea lifts my heart in ways I cannot even begin to explain. In fact, it thrills me to my toes. It makes my heart tingle.
I told Mr. Moon that if we did, I might even go to church on Christmas Day. I sort of love going to Catholic Mass when it's in Spanish. I have no idea why. The church in Cozumel has no walls and there are those great statues behind glass of the saints. And candles. What's not to love about that?
Sopa de Lima for Christmas dinner? Bring it on, baby. Pass the pico de gallo which is filled with the red of tomatoes, the green of peppers and cilantro. I feel festive just thinking about it.
Well, we'll see.

I think I have now discussed everything I care to discuss and shall go take that walk. If you have not checked out the little trailer for the film Freddy shot here last weekend, please do, and if you are on The Evil Facebook, and would like to share it, again- please do. Dolly and Zeke are prominent in the trailer. I think this is going to be an awesome film.

All right. The day is half over. I haven't done shit.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a great idea! FUN!

    Why am I now craving guacamole?

  2. That sounds divine -- the going to Cozumel.

    And your rapture over the library reminds me of this wonderful article in The Los Angeles Times yesterday about the new library that just opened in West Hollywood, that bastion of acceptance right around the corner from me. I think you'd love to read it as it's not too often that good news appears! Here's the link:,0,314033.story

  3. Hahahah:

    'Giant excited rant about the wonders of Christmas in Mexico', then: 'Well, We'll see.'

    Oh, just do it! Plan it now! And then we'll be able to read about how much you're looking forward to it all December instead of how much you hate Christmas and don't send you any motherfucking Christmas cookies and consumerismslaveryinthekitchenscroogeMcMoonbahhumbug.

    Sounds good to me ;)

  4. Oh I detest christmas too and the whole month leading up to it. as if it's the end all and the be all of our lives. I especially hate when something tragic happens this time of year and everyone's all oh how terrible that it happened at christmas, as if people's pain is worse cause it happened during that season, as if people who suffer tragedy at other times of the year suffer less.

  5. Go if it makes you happy, spending Christmas in Mexico. The Virgin of Guadeloupe would be pleased to have you there with your man.
    The dog walker is fantastic. Lots of presence, even in his pamper... The dogwisperer would be so proud of him.

  6. maybe you were mexican and super religious in your last life. you probably burned yourself out on the religion thing but still love the art and ceremonies, the remembered rituals.

    dont mind me. i am having a mental free day, allowing my mind to go wherever it chooses.

    i found you around christmastime. we bonded over our mutual anxiety about all that (we think) is expected of us on that day. cozumel for christmas sounds divine.

    the day is half over and i haven't done shit either.


  7. It sounds good to me for you to go to Cozumel. If it weren't for the parents and the dogs, I would be on a boat to somewhere at Christmas. I have come to not like the gift giving. We have enough, more than enough of everything. I think this year will be one that we just love each other a bit more, tell each other that, and that is the greatest gift.

  8. I love all this, esp the walk with the dogs and the new library.
    I am sitting at my desk in the library right now with the quote:
    I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library
    by Jorge Luis Borges
    beside me.
    I miss you. But I've been here reading and enjoying. My laptop is just super slow and I'm barely on it anymore.
    LOVE YOU!!!!!

  9. I hate the whole Christmas season and Love, love love Cozumel so all I can say is Go! You have been craving it for so long....I want you to do it already.

  10. I have been to Cozumel on Christmas. I have been to the Church without walls on Christmas Day listening to the mass in Spanish trying to understand as much as possible. Also, the baby is not placed in the manger until after midnight on Christmas Eve. First I could not believe a manger without the baby Jesus, but then there he was, Christmas morning! It's just amazingly beautiful. I hope you get to go!

  11. Nicol- Because you ALWAYS crave guacamole!

    Elizabeth- Speaking of divine! Well, our new branch library will not be so grand but if it has books I will be happy.
    Libraries make me optimistic about humanity and not very much else does these days.

    Jo- What? You're weary of my Christmas depression? Ha! Me too. That is the best advice you have ever given me.

    Ellen Abbott- Oh, god. Exactly. It's all supposed to be so "magic" and yet, it never is and it's just so silly and I would love to escape it.

    Photocat- If only I could spend the entire month of December there. Dec. 12 is the Virgin's saint day. That dog walker guy is an amazing actor. His name is Henry.
    He is going to shine like diamonds in this film.

    Angella- You could be right. I have no other explanation for my fascination with Mexico and the Virgin. None. Well, I was born in El Paso but my parents moved before I was old enough to remember anything. I hope you had a wonderful day. I did.

    Syd- Go on the boat anyway. I DARE you!

    Bethany- You have no idea how happy I am when I see your name pop up.

    Angella- I was going for the blue, blue skies of fall along with all the golden light.

    Lo- Your lips to my ear. Thanks and love for giving me support on this.

    Bristolvol- Really? Oh. Now I REALLY must go. Ah lah. I am yearning...

  12. I don't want to be a party pooper--there is much puppy poop in my life, too--but would you check with the American Embassy and Consulate in Mexico before you go to Mexico for Christmas? I live in Texas. I honeymooned in Cuernavaca. I love Mexico. But I would not go there right now. The crime is dramatic. The violence is epic. The tourism trade has been damaged by the events. I worry about your safety.

    But go somewhere for Christmas. If it fine to go there, go. Live your life your own way. But do not risk your life. Preachiness over.

  13. Jaye- Cozumel is a tiny island and the crime there is almost non-existent. I feel safer there than I would in downtown Tallahassee. Thank you for worrying. But it's okay. Honestly.

  14. Christmas in Mexico sounds heavenly. If only for the sunshine and the warmth, and sharing it with loved ones.

  15. I think Cozumel for X-mas sounds like just the ticket. I'd enjoy mass in Spanish more, too, because then I wouldn't understand much of it.

    I'm with you on this: As I have gotten older, I do not really care to acquire much more of anything.

    I'm thinking of becoming a minimalist. But does one BECOME a minimalist. Think about it. I'm not sure at all.

    Love you!!!!


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