Thursday, September 8, 2011

And It's Not Even Eleven A.M.

Oh, the grief! Oh the trauma! Oh the tears and drama and sobs and snots!
Owen was pretty upset too.
Let us just say that Owen's memory extends to at least six months back when he was last at the doctor's for a check-up. And let us just say that Mer-Mer's heart breaks open like a chocolate-covered cherry when that boy is upset and oozes all over the place and I would do anything to make him happy again.
All is well now, though. We are back at Mer-Mer's house and we've fed watermelon to the chickens and to ourselves too. There is nothing so fun as eating watermelon with toothpicks.

Or, rather, big wooden martini-olive spears.

So. We survived. I know exactly how Owen feels when he goes to the doctor. I feel the same way when I go to the doctor. Exactly, and I would scream and cry and snot too if I thought I could get away with it. I can't so my blood pressure just goes up but anyway, here we are back at home and have gathered a brown, a green and a blue egg and said hello to the goats and played with the toys and ridden the horse and smacked some flies and cleaned up two poops, one dog and one boy and also a dog puke and it's a beautiful day and I hope that Mother doesn't cry when I go to the doctor with her. I just could not take it.


  1. Poor little guy. Seeing the photo of him in doc's office made me shiver from the memories. I had one doc take a finger prick on my eldest once when he was 3 or so to check if he is eating the right foods (as I was told) and it really traumatized my son that we refused it ever again for any of them. I prepared his food and knew he ate from all the food groups. We are lucky that we were in the health position to be able to refuse these kinds of check ups.
    So glad Owen is having a good day now with his Grandma and her chickens and yard and her food, and he'll have a good day later with his mom and dad too.

  2. Funny how he calls you Mier Mier. Griffin used to call you that too! Well, he just said one Mier, but still.

    Hope all goes well with your ma. If you need a buffer, I don't have to be anywhere till 3pm when Harley finishes up school.

  3. We used to call my grandmother Mokey and it stuck with her all her life. Owen is so dang cute! And like both of you, I also hate the doctor.

  4. Oh my goodness that first picture is precious. What a sweet sweet boy.

  5. I really enjoyed the photos. Owen is such a doll.

  6. Oy with the needles poked into the babies! Sylvie had a vaccination last week, and I was way more worked up about it than she was. But like Owen, I know she is going to remember it for a while. Sounds like he has plenty of good things to take his mind off it for the day.

  7. I'm glad you posted those other pictures because that first one was about to break my heart!

  8. How wonderful! At our house there are pickle forks for grandchildren to use for watermellon. And how about eating your breakfast cereal with an iced tea spoon! Can you imagine that. How wonderful to be a grandchild. Owen will tell about his mer-mer some day.

  9. Oh, the finger prick?!?! Poor little sweetheart. We were right there not so long ago, and it still smarts. My big boy followed me around for weeks with his toy syringe from his doctors kit, after his finger prick.

  10. Oh little Owen! I do remember those Dr. visits, with so many tears and heaving chests, sobbing..oh yes. I would gather my child in my arms and attempt to calm the storm. When I was breastfeeding them I just popped a nip out and they would grab hold for all their life...but it sure calmed them down.

  11. Stephanie- It went okay with Mom. Okay.

    Michele R- Well, finger pricks don't really hurt that much and he didn't have to get any shots today so it was okay. He screamed just as much getting weighed as he did getting his finger pricked. But we do have the right to refuse anything we want.

    Ms. Fleur- Thanks for the offer. Really, Mom and I are getting along okay, though. Sometimes Owen just calls me "Mer."

    Towanda- "Mokey" is a great name! As I always say, the first grandchild names you. Doctors- I have a real neurosis.

    Jill- A heartbreaker!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, I think so.

    Lora- Those needles- they just suck!

    Joanne- Pickle forks! What a great idea. We already love the ice-tea spoons. I'll get out the pickle forks soon though. Awesome.

    Denise- Thanks, darling.

    Food And Brew Love- Maybe I should get Owen a doctor kit for his birthday. He can maybe work some of this stuff out. Although I went to nursing school and even THAT didn't work for me.

    Ellen- Oh god. I remember the doctor trying to listen to my kids' hearts and lungs while they were on the tit. It worked! But was a bit awkward.

  12. I never liked the ass shots myself. I much prefer to be stuck in the arm. Glad that Owen got over the doctor trauma.

  13. Ah. Poor baby. Glad everything went well with Owen.

  14. I'm glad he had you to melt into, too.

  15. Syd- Remember when we were kids and no matter what was wrong with us we'd got a damn shot of penicillin in the butt? Those things hurt!

    Angie- Oh, he's fine and healthy and at the top of all the charts.

    gradydoctor- He melted into both of us, his mama and his mer. He gave the doctor a high five when it was over so that was good.


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