Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning Poem About Marriage

Marry the one who is happy.
Marry the one who is gay.
Marry the one who knows how to work
Marry the one who can play.

Marry the one who can look at you
And see the heart you hide deep inside
Show that one the heart you have
Open it fully and wide.

Marry the one who is strong for you.
Marry the one who can cry.
Marry the one will not give up.
Marry the one who will try.

Marry the one with a safe boat
Don't worry so much 'bout the flash.
Give your heart to the one who knows richness
Doesn't always involve lots of cash.

Marry the one who can fix things
Whether houses or cars or pie shells.
Marry the one who with a tool belt
Holding hammer and flowers and nails.

Marry the one who loves children
Marry the one with sweet eyes.
Marry the one who is gentle.
Marry the one who lives without lies.

Marry the one you never dreamed
Would be the one to show up at your door.
Marry a friend and a lover.
Then learn how to love that one more.


  1. I love it. If you have this, nothing else is needed, or anything else is all icing on the cake. He really speaks your language and vice versa.
    --Michele R.

  2. Yes. It sounds like a song. Maybe you should get your friend Liz to sing it. x

  3. It is a song, a beautiful song. And so very true, too. I read this poem and realized I could check off every single line. thanks for the reminder that I am blessed. i particularly love "the one who will try." That's most of it right there.

  4. This is tres beautiful. And very true.

    I love you, Mary.

  5. Lovely... and such good advice... I married that person...

  6. I love your poem and the note. I sometimes wish I'd married the kind of guy who could write a sweet note like that - I didn't realize I was the kind of girl who needed them. Apparently I married the guy, who on the cusp of our 25th wedding anniversary made plans to soak up some sun and fun with the boys on a golf outing to Arizona. Needless to say, I'm not writing him any love poems right now. The poor man can't fix this with a note or otherwise now, can he? I knew he wasn't the sentimental type when I married him, but still. He gets checks for most of your list, though, and and that counts.

    Anyway, you might say I'm jealous.
    But so very happy for you both. And sure your advice is perfect. I'm going to save your poem for my daughter.


  7. Beautiful and true. I love the two of you together!

  8. Very very nice... Love the poem.
    There are nerds and dancers. The dancers are fun to be with for a while, but the one to marry or love is the nerd, because this one will take care of you when needed...
    Definitely marry the one who can look at you and see the heart you hide deep inside!

  9. Oh me oh my. I love this. I am with Angella--this reminds me that I, too, am blessed.

    Please tell The Moon Man that I am an enormous fan. First the coveralls. But this? The piece de resistance, I tell you!

    Hugs to you!

  10. I'm with Mwa on this one... It would make a lovely tune.

    My favorite is the "hammer, the flowers, and nails"

    It describes your Mr. perfectly.

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  12. love it. One of the things that made me jump over the cliff for my wife was that she installed a ceiling fan for me as a surprise.
    She had tools and could fix things...I was one of those things she fixed.
    Amen Sister Moon

  13. oh too cute......I am envious in more ways than I can say....

  14. Michele R- Yes. He does.

    Mwa- Oh, she has written her own true-love songs which are far better. But thank-you.

    Syd- Just a tiny note and it makes so much difference.

    Angella- You got it. You have it. Amen.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You know. I love you too.

    Dianne- Then celebrate!

    Mel- There are so many "that ones" whom we love who are perfect in their own way. We learn to know what is important.

    lulumarie- You know too. I know you do.

    Photocat- And sometimes, the nerds are dancers and the dancers are nerd and that is the best.

    SisterDoctor- I'll tell him. He'll be all, "Yeah, whstever." But he'll love it.

    Ms. Fleur- We all know I grabbed the golden ring.

    HoneyLuna- Are you paying attention? Oh yes, you always have been. I love you so. And Vergil, too.

    Brother Wrecking Ball- You got it. Yes. You did. You have. We're the lucky ones.

    Jo- I know it.

    Young at heart- I am jealous of me. So it's okay.

  15. Crap. I married twice and neither makes the criteria.

    But Mr. Moon does.

    Can you leave him to me in your will?

  16. Denise- No. Not god. Just a miracle in the form of a man.

  17. I love the mermaid charm in the photo you used. Where did you find such a treasure?! I love mermaids and collect them since they are hard to find... especially living in NY state. :)


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