Saturday, September 17, 2011

It May Have Been...

George Carlin.
And if so, this just goes to show you how highly I think of myself.


  1. I love George Carlin. The quote I remember is: watching golf on TV is about as exciting as watching flies fuck. :)

  2. He was a great man. I may have used the religion is like a penis analogy a few times to shock and irritate various family members.

    And GFD, there is something dead under my front porch too. Pretty sure it's a squirrel. At least it's cooler today, so the stench is a little more tolerable.

    PS You'll be pleased to know it wasn't Charmin I put in the cart after all, it was Northern. Not sure if that's just as bad...but I must admit it is much friendlier to tne nether parts.

  3. And so you should. Think highly of yourself. Your writing deserves a book! A real book I mean, with real pages and words on them, that we can go and buy in DoubleYoeHaitshhhsmith. And it is a fun quote.

  4. Bristolvol- He was a fucking genius, that man!

    Rachel- Good for you on the Northern! And dead things under the house- ick. They just...lie there and rot.

    Photocat- Well, here I am and here I'll probably be.

  5. The Moms and daddums took me and my brother, as children, to see George Carlin. We learned a lot about cussing. Okay, so I ALREADY knew a lot about that.

  6. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- NO ONE had the gift of profanity like St. George Carlin. I love your parents for taking you to see him when you were a child. They are AWESOME!


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