Sunday, September 18, 2011


The clothes are hanging on the line like prayer flags and I had the strangest and most realistic dream that a woman and her family came to help me out when the new grandbaby was born but I ended up taking care of the family and I finally told the mother, "Look, you are not helping me and it was so sweet of you to come but honestly, you need to go home now."

I was assertive, not aggressive. I know this because back when I did my clinicals at Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, I attended one of the staff-run classes every week on assertiveness versus aggression and I know the difference.

Oh my god. Those classes were a joke. They must have been state-mandated or something.
Cuckoo's Nest had nothing on this place except that there was no chance, no chance at all for escape once you were in there. Still, I have fond memories of some of the patients. "My" patient, for example. "Mawee," she would say, "I have pwobwems."

She did. Oh, she did indeed and I reported some of them to the Powers That Be. The staff-induced problems, but I doubt seriously anything was ever done about them and she's no doubt dead by now or at least in the brain.

Sunday morning. Time to get in the garden. Winter's garden is a good one and we shall start it today. The lettuces!

Oh, I love the lettuces. It will be good to get in the dirt because I am wavering this morning between the me of the weary, maddening heart and the me of the I'm-not-so-bad and perhaps the dirt will tip the balance in my brain.

One can only hope.


  1. Dirt always helps me. There's something soothing and healing about getting hands in the dirt.

  2. I do hope so too. Hands in the earth! Earth! So much nicer than dirt.

    Your proch photo is so beautiful. And the blue, too. Did I mention that before? Something sweet about family and love

  3. Why are hospitals always so dysfunctional? Whenever I go to one, it seems the staff hate each other and hate the patients even more. Perhaps it is the bottom dollar thing. Or, maybe it is me because I hate being there.

  4. laundry like prayer flags, what a wonderful image.

  5. Have you seen the movie, Losing Chase? It's a beautiful character study and you will love the garden scenes. With Helen Mirren and Kyra Sedgewick ~ oh yeah.

    Your assortment of lettuces is very enticing!

  6. It is fall gardening time. Mine is done for now. I had a mysterious dream last night too.

  7. I've grown weary of the ever-blooming tomato plant but it takes up so much room in our garden that I can't plant anything else. I don't want to rip it up, though -- that seems sinful. Hopefully it will stop producing tomatoes before winter.

  8. Nice gardenia. Hope it was a good Sunday.

  9. Ellen- Usually, I would agree with you but today- arggh! Not so much.
    I just feel dirty.

    Jo- I love those boys. Thank-you.

    Towanda- This is a state mental hospital. You can only imagine. Well, actually, I hope you can't.

    Angella- I have used the image before, I am sure I will use it again. I do love laundry on the line.

    Lulumarie- NO! I have not seen it. I will try to catch it somewhere. And if the lettuce seeds do make into the ground, all will be glorious.

    Syd- You are always ahead of me! Let us not dream tonight. Seriously.

    Elizabeth- I got to the point today where I just ripped plants out of the ground. DONE! I tell you.

    Ms. Fleur- It was neither here nor there.

  10. I sincerely hope that the balance tipped in your brain. That porch is country living material!

  11. Photocat- That's actually a sort of trellis thing where the wisteria grows. And the wisteria will be bringing it down one of these days. There is no doubt about that.


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