Monday, July 11, 2011

What Happens When It Rains Around Here

Monday morning and it's dripping outside, last night's second rainstorm having been another good one and the trees and their leaves are saturated, the resurrection fern is born again, sprung forth from its dry faux death.

If you click on that, you'll get a better idea of how full of life these old trees are. Of course, the fern makes the branches heavier and that's not necessarily a good thing. The branches are already bigger and heavier than most trees and it's inevitable that eventually they will come down, taking everything in their wake with them. Power lines, other trees, fences, cars, roofs, people if they happen to be in they way.....

Here's a branch which is hollow in the middle, or at least has a fine-sized hole in it.

Can you see it up there?
That tree is magical to me. It's not the biggest one on the property but it stands in the front yard, and seems to be a sentinel, a welcome, or at the very least, a damn reminder of how small and petty we humans are, how limited our time on this earth.

Owen is coming soon and he'll be here tomorrow and Wednesday too. This is good in that I have been missing him. He was only here one day last week and then I saw him in town another day but it's not the same. When he's here, he is my own little man, and seeing him here in this house, on this property, makes me feel as if his grandfather and I truly are a part of his life. His toys are in a basket in the manly Glen Den with all the deer heads on the wall. His Bop has been telling him about those deer heads since he was a tiny infant.
"This is the Florida deer, this is the Canada deer," etc. Owen probably knows more about those deer than I do.
It's impossibly miraculous to think that there will be another baby early next year to carry around and to show all the groovy, cool stuff at Mer and Bop's. The star lights that change color, the seashells, the chickens, the garden, the books, the porch swing, the trees....

Here's a mushroom, trying to disguise itself as a daisy:

No. I don't know what kind it is. I know nothing about fungi. The only kind of mushroom I can identify outside of the grocery store grows in cowshit, bleeds purple and expands the mind. Isn't that one pretty though? It's delicate as a daisy, I'll tell you that.

Well, full day ahead of me. Full half-week, too. Diaper changing, snack-dispensing, chicken-checking-out-and-feeding, book-reading, story-telling, horsey riding, walk-taking, picture drawing, face-and-hands-cleaning, nap-taking.

It'll be good. All the elements in place here before me and ready for me to enjoy.

Let's rock-and-roll, y'all. It's Monday.


  1. The mushroom is startlingly beautiful. Have fun with Owen. I know you will.



  2. Kiss that boy for me. I saw him twice yesterday, and once was swimming with Waylon, too.

  3. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It is gorgeous in a sort of fungal way. Good morning! You are loved!

    DTG- He's standing on the table right now, turning the chicken light on and off. He is very busy. Good morning! I love you!

  4. Sounds like a good day & week. Glad you're feeling good. And oh my Lord RAIN!!!!! the most heavenly soothing.

    We had 1/10" yesterday; brings our total for the last 9 months to 7 2/10". Yes, we count by the 10th. When the rain-gods are silent for so long, every drop is a miracle.

  5. Great pictures! You should enjoy this time with Owen even more than usual. Too soon you'll have to do the attention sharing dance. x

  6. Kathleen Scott- I think of you every time it rains here.

    Mwa- I know. Oh. I know.

  7. Mushrooms are really cool. I like the ferns that grow on oaks.

  8. Lots of "trips" out to Phipps Landing after two or three days of rain were always fruitful. Those were the days.

  9. oh, those trees....

    and congratulations on being a Grandma x2 !!!!!

  10. How amazing are those trees? And you have a porch swing? I'm there xx


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