Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Review

So we just watched two episodes of Roseanne's Nuts and here's what I have to say:
She and I are living the same damn life! With grandchildren and goats and chickens and a sweet man and well, hell. Except that she lives in Hawaii and has a lot of money and I live in Florida and don't.
Besides that- same-same!

I love that she's showing a vulnerable side of herself. I love that she seems to be living a perfectly genuine life. I love that there's finally something on TV that shows what it's like to be a fifty-five-plus something year-old woman who isn't botoxed and dyed and freaky-looking but who enjoys her life and is doing the best she can.

Yeah. I give that show my approval.

Just thought I'd say that.

Sweet dreams, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! I have my DVR set :)

  2. Well, now I AM going to watch it.

  3. I am glad and she looks much different from her previous TV appearances.

  4. I haven't watched it but I have to say she's never looked better.

  5. I adore Roseanne. I have never been one that fits in all that well. I am a bit of a loud mouth. I speak my mind loudly and don't apologize for it. You know that show, "What Would You Do?" I am the one that DOES. I confront people for taking handicap spots, I confront men for treating women like shit, I confront parents for belittling their children, I confront people in grocery stores for being rude to cashiers. I speak out about the environment, poverty and human rights.
    I feel bad that people don't like Roseanne. I think many people still think women should be quietish and meekish. I think she rocks.

  6. hey. we just happened to watch the same two shows. and liked them.

  7. I love Roseanne and always have. I love that picture of her and her sweet man (he's a fox!). I, too, love that there's someone who isn't botoxed and liposuctioned and scary-looking out there representing us fifty-plus-somethings. Life is real, and so is Roseanne. She fucking rules. Ah-la.

  8. On your recommendation, I am adding it to my DVR list.

    Love you much!

  9. Stephanie- I hope you like it.

    Elizabeth- Oh dear. You might hate it. You have higher taste than I do. This is a proven fact.

    Syd- She's accepted herself, I think.

    Mel's Way- I agree.

    Birdie- Yeah. Real women don't have to meek and mild if it's not our nature. I think Roseanne scares people because she proves this.

    dottie- Hey girl! I'm so glad you came over for a visit! Also glad you liked the Roseanne. Even my husband watched it and I think he semi-enjoyed it.

    Kati- AMEN! Her boyfriend seems to be a keeper, too. I sort of dig him. He really likes chickens.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I love you MAS!

  10. I do love Roseanne and I love her show... but you know she's had a TON of plastic surgery.

    She had a nose job, facelift, cheek implants, her chin and liposuction.

    She also had a breast reduction, but I imagine that was for health reasons.

    It doesn't change how much I like her, but she's not exactly portraying someone who "kept it real", looks wise.

  11. Jennalynn- First- welcome! And I was wondering when someone was going to bust me on that one. Well, I know she had all that plastic surgery but as far as I know, she had it all back when she was just hitting the big time- back when she "lost her mind," as she says. Looks to me now that she's not done anything in awhile.


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