Saturday, July 30, 2011


Home last night at eleven, asleep by one, Owen here already.
But we're here and safe and all is well and that boy is bigger and cuter than when I left. And he has so many new words.

Keith Richards read us all the way home and here is Lloyd, what do you know?

Oh my.

Mr. Moon and Jason have already taken off to the woods for some activity involving getting the hunting plot ready. Lis has already taken off for Gator Bone.
Owen is busy building a house and in the past hour we've gone to see the goats and the chickens and eaten yogurt and seen a train and hugged Lis and Papa and Bop and oh my goodness.

I am home.

Not a thing unpacked, the day is heating up, the boy is busy playing with his blocks and toys and my head is awhirl with images of leaving Asheville yesterday. Crying with both Jessie and Vergil holding me and letting me cry and saying good-bye to the the kittens and driving through miles and miles of beautiful southlands and finally getting home in the full-night dark to Lloyd and the man and Taylor was waiting to take Hank home to Tallahassee, her beautiful smile and here we are, here we are.

Jumping back into our lives with both feet and oh, this boy. He is so beautiful and he is full of hugs and kisses and new words and he has had a haircut.

Home. A hawk flew over while I was getting water for the chickens and roosted on a tree over the garage.

In Asheville the town is waking up and the Belle Chere festival is cranking up and people are walking around drinking coffee and maybe Vergil and Jessie are playing with the kittens and Lis is on her way home and Hank is sleeping in his own bed and I am here.

All is well and the earth is turning and day is heating up and I have been there and now I am here and yes, all is very, very well.


  1. I'm glad you're back, safe and sound. It's good to see Owen again - I missed him!

  2. Glad that you are home safely. It is nice when all is well.

  3. Welcome back, Sister Moon. Love this description because I love being there sometimes but love being here the most.

  4. Welcome home to Lloyd Ms. Moon.
    As for the unpacking and laundry...leave it for tomorrow. Enjoy your first day home.
    I admit I still haven't fully unpacked from our last trip. Whatever.

  5. Welcome home. Glad you got more birthday kisses from your lovies.

  6. Welcome home!!!!

    Who is pregnant??? When are they due???? Yay!!!!!!

    beautiful, talented, motherly, sensitive, open minded, strong, inter-dependent, quirky, funny, talented, grandmaw, wife, lover, moon swayed and struck, friend.

    So glad to know you. xoxoxox

  7. Elizabeth- Oh, Lord. I missed him too.

    Syd- You are right.

    gradydoctor- We go away so that we can come home.

    Mel's way- I know. I took care of Owen all day but mostly got unpacked. I don't feel "settled" yet though.

    Bethanie- I did! Loveliness.

    Maggie May- So glad to know YOU. Lord, lord. I am.
    Lily is pregnant again- due in March! Yay! Mo' babies, mo' babies, mo' babies!

  8. Hey Sister Moon, shouted you out on my blog today. It's a post about music--but still had to make sure I told you. Will fully be glad to take my effusive commentary down if it turns you a scary shade of crimson.


  9. The photo of the hawk is lovely. Thank you.


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