Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey! Laughter IS The Best Medicine

Ah. It's turned out to be a good Friday. After I put down the Fabuloso bottle, I took a walk which was quite satisfactorily punishing. Then I came home and showered and even put on some make-up and met my son at the Mockingbird Cafe so that we could dine AND see Sister May.
It was awesome. WE HAD A TWO-HOUR LUNCH! And that's not easy to do if you're not drinking.
I went nutso-crazy. I had a sandwich with blackened eggplant and fried green tomatoes and delicious sauce and feta cheese. Oh my god. AND sweet potato fries. I am still full.

There was a table next to us and a mother had brought in her new baby. Very new. Tiny, darling little scrunched-up, baby-face new. The women at the table were joyfully passing him around and sharing him. It was like there was a huge magnetic force to him that I was having to physically resist. The mother kept looking at me as if she was afraid I might go snatch the child.
It could have happened.
But I was strong! I resisted!
I told Hank that maybe if I just went over and sat in one of the chairs they'd pass him to me.
Hank said, "He's not a joint, Mom."
Haha! I love that boy.

After lunch Mr. Moon called. He was coming home and wanted to know where I was. I told him that I'd just finished lunch and that I was going to go by the store and then come home too.
"What do you want for supper?" I asked him, which as we ALL know, is a waste of breath.
"I just ate lunch," he said. "I'm too full to think about that."
"I am too!" I said. "But somebody has to."
"Uh-huh," he said. "See you when you get home."

So I did go to the store and I decided on chicken and dumplings which I have not made in forever and maybe some collards since I still have some in the garden. I got everything and came home and was delighted to find that I'd bought everything on my list which of course I had forgotten to take with me. I put everything away and then had a lovely little nap with my husband and when he woke up I said, "I don't want to get up yet. Go out and pick collards and cook them and make the chicken and dumplings."
"Okay," he said, getting out of bed. "I'll call you when they're ready."
I thought about this for a minute.
"I can't sleep that long."

Okay, in my house that passes as very funny stuff. I swear though, if Mr. Moon DID cook, he'd have to start in the morning if he was making supper.

Well, it's Friday night. Luckily he can make martinis, even if he can't cook. It has rained, it's not terribly hot, and I guess I'll go out there and pick those collards. Maybe I'll find a baby in one of them. Down south we get babies out of collard plants, not cabbages.
That's a joke! We don't really!
But it reminds me that yesterday when Owen and I were picking beans, he picked marigolds and threw those in the bag too. Then he picked some more marigolds and started decorating the collard greens with them. He's a funny boy and I sure do love him.

Right now I pretty much love everything but give me a few hours. I'll start hating again.
Or maybe not.
We'll see what the full moon does to me, whether it makes me howl in pain or passion. One never knows.

Let's all think about each other when we see it. Okay? Okay.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. owen decorating the greens with marigolds made me think of that gorgeous scene in monsoon wedding which never fails to bring me to tears. gorgeous.

    enjoy the martinis.

  2. "It's not a joint, mom." Best.Line.EVER.

    Happy Friday!

  3. I'm thinking the howling does not have to necessarily be one or the other... maybe it can be both.

    Oh baby!

    Hope you and Mr Moon have a splendid Friday evening.

  4. PS Hank's retort cracked me up big time!

  5. Your son is wicked funny!

    Anywho... - You and Mr. Moon are having stress dreams. You should both go to Cozumel. And relax.

  6. Adrienne- You got it, baby.

    Kori- He's a sage.

    Ms. Fleur- So far, so good.

    Lucy- Your lips...
    God. I hope so.

  7. Oh Ms Moon! This post was so funny and drunk and giddy, I loved every word of it. The bit about the baby at the next table was funny already but Hank's line was beyond perfect.
    And Mr Moon making dinner.
    Owen and the marigolds and then you at the end saying that about the moon. I will go out right now and think of you and your sweetness and how you being me such ordinary and extraordinary joy.

  8. "bring me", you know what I meant.
    you know what else you give me?

  9. Hank is a funny dude. Love his line about the joint. I bet the Mr. Is a good cook. Most woodsmen are. All those camping trips. My father who was a great fisherman was an awesome cook.

  10. Bethany- And I was completely sober when I wrote it. Ah lah. Love you.

    Syd- If Mr. Moon is a good cook, I have yet to see evidence. He hunts and fishes, we both garden, I cook. That is the way it is.

  11. "He's not a joint Mom" Absolutely love it. And you xx

    PS. I only occasionally let The Actor cook. He takes FOREVER.


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