Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Things Can Not Be Eliminated With Febreeze

Quite obviously, something has died in the guest room.
Do you know how much I DO NOT APPRECIATE THAT?

I should get my ass in there and tear the place apart.

But Owen is sleeping and by god, I'm going to nap too although whatever it is is just going to get deader and deader. And smell worse and worse. It's already bad enough that I'm wondering if the coyote that finished the rat/possum could be in there, maybe wedged up in a closet.


I do not have joy, joy, joy down in my heart.


  1. Oh dear :(

    It's hard to have joyjoyjoyjoy down in your heart when something's decomposing in the guestroom.

    In school, we had a 'hymn'that went 'and the trees of the fields shall clap their hands, shall clap, shall clap their hands'.

    I always felt a bit condescended to by that one.

  2. Let us know what it is as soon as you find out.

    I'm curious.

  3. It could be a little flying squirrel. They get into places and then croak. Once had one in another house and it stunk up everything for such a small little animal. Good luck with finding it. Not fun at all.

  4. Funny. I have been toiling to get the stench of a wet camping trip out of my van and Febreeze ain't going to cut it.

  5. Jo- Because you have a damn brain.

    Rebecca- At this point, I think it may have been nothing but dog pee. Arrggh.

    Syd- In my house it would more likely be a mouse.

    Juancho- Hola, Amigo! Bleach. Nothing but bleach works on mildew.

  6. Ewwww! My dad searched for a mouse the cat had brought in for ages... I didn't even know what a possum looked like until you showed me. I can picture the teeth on it xx

  7. I'm hoping it was pee and not a corpse...that could be a disaster considering all the places they could hide.

  8. Oh yuck! The smell of rotting flesh on a hot day is sure to make any semblance of joy disappear.

  9. I prefer joy, joy, joy down in my pants. YES, MY MIND IS IN THE GUTTER TODAY. It lives there.


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