Sunday, July 17, 2011

For Ms. Sarcastic Bastard-Beloved, Especially

I have completely reached the point of hysteria in going through pictures.

I've gone from finding pictures of my grandparents when they were youngish and being in awe to finding pictures from the seventies that just prove the fucking point that EVERY FAMILY PORTRAIT belongs on the Awkward Family Photos website.
Oh dear god. But truly, the seventies had all the other decades beat when it came to matching poly costumes. Oh dear god. Luckily, I was already away from home when most of these atrocities took place.

I was already sort of laughing quietly to myself at some of the pictures I was finding in one certain box but then I looked down to see something that made me laugh so hard that tears really and truly did come to my eyes. I had to have Mr. Moon hold this picture to get the snap because I was shaking too hard with laughter to hold it still.
And maybe it's not that funny but right that second, it struck me as the funniest fucking thing I'd ever seen in my life.

Oh god. Oh god. It still does. White- I'm so sorry. It's not YOU I'm laughing at. It's just the absurdity of...that.

My head literally hurts from laughing.
Oh Jesus. I'm sorry.
Poor thing. It's like he's been trapped in that envelope in that box, peeking out of that little window so cheerfully for decades and decades and decades.

Bless his heart. Oh. Bless his heart.


  1. Well I'm glad you set him free! It is pretty funny.

  2. What were they thinking!? :D

  3. That completely belongs in a Wes Anderson movie.

    Which of course means I LOVE IT.

  4. Lois- I know!

    Elizabeth- If you can't laugh, you might as well just die now.

    Jo- Oh who the fuck KNOWS?

    X-Ray Iris- Lord. You nailed it. No wonder I love Wes Anderson so damn much. And you know what? That bastard never called me.

  5. Oh me. Oh my. I am laughing so hard at that I can barely type. Wait. Wait. I have to breathe. Okay. Okay. No... okay. Oh yes. Oh Lord. That is truly fucking funny.

  6. May- God! Someone saw it the way I did! And of course, it would be you. You need to come over and look at some of these pictures. We'll be rolling on the ground. We'll be weeping in each others arms. It will be awesome! I love you...Mama

  7. Perfect. My first thought is he looks like a creepy peeping Tom.

    I read an article today that said laughing is a great way to burn belly fat---just think of all the calories this guy helped you burn.

  8. Mel's Way- Damn. Ain't that the truth? Let's hear it for hysteria!

  9. Ha! He looks sort of like...a nun.

  10. Lora- Oh my god! That's it! Sister Brother!

  11. Thanks SO MUCH for giving me a smile and a laugh this Monday morning.

    JESUS. That's all I have to say. Actually, that's all I have to say about most things.



  12. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, me too. Glad I could make you laugh.

  13. Those year books were something else. We were all dorks of one kind or another.


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