Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Wake To This New Day

Owen's coming, Owen's coming, had sweet sleep. I just realized this morning that I don't think I've been to town since oh, last Thursday or so. This is crazy and yet...
Think of the gas I don't use.
I went shopping last night, online and it was all underwear and two new pairs of Crocs that I don't really need. Well, I need the underwear but not necessarily the Crocs but I love my two pairs of Clio slides so much that I live in fear I'll lose one or they'll break or whatever but they are the best, best, most comfortable shoes in the world, two tiny straps holding a sole onto my sole and oh my soul, how did I live without them?
You KNOW they'll quit making them.

Mr. Moon home last night late after working the auction in the Orlando heat for twelve hours, surrounded by asphalt as far as the eye can see. Finally- car orders. He fell in the bed and was asleep like that (click) and up this morning and out the door. That man works so hard.

Owen is coming, Owen is coming. The rooster is crowing, the rat/possum body is gone- do we have a coyote? I can't see that fat, lazy cat eating the rest of that corpse.

Owen is coming, he is on his way and he makes jokes now. He has a tiny horse that fits into his Fischer Price farm and he says, "Ride," and he puts the tiny horse on the floor and squats over it and then he laughs. Haha, Owen! My favorite thing now is to get him to say his own name, "Own," it sounds like. He owns that name. He tells me when he is tired. "Bed," he says and then, "Night-night."
Don't you want to eat lunch first?
"No," but we do.

Listen- this is it- the crowing rooster, the wisteria growing way out of bounds, the tiny joke, the little man, the hard-working man, the coffee, the kisses, the running water, the naked, early morning face of hello, hello, hello.

Owen is coming.

Good morning.


  1. Oh, nice; so is there still a Moon Motors out there? I been thinkin' of ditching this Ferrari...

    And good morning to you as well.

  2. Mungam- No Moon Motors. He works out of Sunshine State Bank. The Car Guy. In case you want to get out of a piece of shit Ferrari and into something decent.

  3. This is perfect.

    Good morning, dear Mary.

  4. Owen is coming sounds like the cry of the colonists--The British are Coming. But I know that this is a happy arrival. Good for you.

  5. And good morning to you, my sweet Ms. Moon!

  6. Good Morning dear girl. I need Crocs...what size do you wear? lol

  7. Angella- And to you, always to you.

    Nicol- There you are, here I am. Hello.

    Syd- It's sort of like the British are coming. I swear.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved-All these hours later and good evening, I love you too.

    Akannie- Eight. But I am NOT giving up my Crocs!

  8. Okay I need to send you the most comfortable footwear in the world. In that parcel of yours that I STILL haven't sent because I've set myself a task of getting a list together and there's STILL something missing. What size are your feet? Email me please. Love you xx

  9. I agree. Crocs are wonderful. Almost as much as Birkenstocks. Can't live without either.

  10. This is it. Yes. That should become my new mantra. Yes. This is it. That's precisely it.


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